Rookie Fleet Options

  • Init Doctrines can seem scary and hard, but for most doctrines there are easy newbie options available.
    Those are laid out below. Please remember: Those are the bare minimums and we expect you to still skill more into PVP ships.

    Please make sure that within the first 60 days in the Corp you have at least one ship for each of the following Doctrines available:



    Hurricane Fleet Issues

    TFIs/Apoc Navies


    The Doctrines are sorted from Most Common to Less Common.

    DoctrineRookie Ship Option (Saved in Corp Fittings)
    Skill Plan Name
    MuninnNewbro ScytheRookie Scythe
    Flycatcher Doctrine
    Newbro MaulusNone (it takes almost no skills)
    Hurricane Fleet Issue
    Newbro HFI
    Newbro Hurricane FI
    Tempest Fleet Issue / Apoc Navy
    Newbro CNI
    Newbro Coercer Navy
    KikimoraNewbro Scythe / Kikimora*1
    Newbro Scythe / Kikimora
    Deimos with Meta Guns
    (it requires the same skills as the ishtar)
    Deimos Metaguns
    EaglesFlycatcherFlycatcher Skillplan
    DreamcatchersTengu (highly skill intensive, you find the fitting ingame)*2
    Dreamcatcher Tengu

    *1 Kikimora T2 guns are a relatively short skill with 256k SP, so you can skill into them early too.
    *2 Dreamcatchers and Hacs are highly skill intensive and Tengus are preferred due to them mostly being used to kill undefended Structures.

    This doctrine is highly low in priority for skilling if you are a new player but the Tengu is good regardless as a ship, so if you want a Tengu,

    go for a Tengu.