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    In combat and out in space it can be important to only see things on your overview which you actually need.

    For this we have a corporation overview that you can use. You are free to use whatever overview you want to.

    Just make sure to use one that is better than the default EVE overview as it is considered very bad.

    How to set up the corporation overview:

    Step 1: Join the Sara-Shawa Overview channel

    You find it in the Corp MOTD.

    Step 2: Download the overview pack

    Click on Part 1 to Part 4 and download them in order:

    1, 2, 3, 4

    Step 3: Select the main Tab in your overview and open the overview settings

    Just as said above. Select the main tab on your new overview and then open the overview settings.

    Step 4: Make sure to have all friendlies and hostiles shown on the Main tab.

    Simply follow the highlighted steps below. In step 3 select for all options "show by default.

    Afterwards you can close the settings window. You DO NOT have to hit save. It saves automatically.

    Step 5: Customizing your overview.

    Once you have set up your overview you are free to customize it.

    To do that you have to first understand what each tab does:

    * - Tab: Travel. It shows stations, stargates but no players or NPCs. This is a nice way to travel through highly populated systems.

    Main - Tab: Basic PVP / PVE. Shows friendlies and hostiles. This is for small to midgang pvp.

    3 - Tab: Normal PVP tidi. This shows only hostile players. This is useful in massive fights as it allows you to see less players. This is especially useful in fights of 100+

    4 - Tab: Hostile logistics. This shows you hostile logistic ships only.

    Warpout: This shows you only celestials (planets etc.) and allows you to quickly warp to a random spot when you have to run away.

    You are free to customize your tabs. There is also preloads saved. Please make sure to leave tab *, Main, 3 and Warpout there as you will use them a lot.

    When you right click a tab you get the option "Load preset to tab". This allows you to choose from a bunch of other preloads that you can load to your current tab.

    While Suspicious Intentions is ready to take up anyone who is willing to be an active part of our community, Suspect Squadron is supposed to be the bullwark of Suspect. This means that any pilot who is a member of this corp is required to partake in PVP on a different level compared to your average pilot. To keep this possible every member who wants to join Suspect Squadron has to fulfil a number of requirements before doing so which will be explained below.


    o 10 million Skillpoints (10,000,000)

    o Cruiser 5 in either Amarr, Gallente or Minmatar

    o the ability to fly a Heavy assault cruiser or Logistics Cruiser (T2)

    o be self reliant and active in fleets as well as generally in the community

    Copy paste the template below to your SRP request thread. SRP requests not following this form will be denied.

    Ingame character name: [Character name]

    Fleet type: [Roam/Solopvp/Stratop]

    FC: [FC name]

    Fleet ping: [leave empty if not a pinged fleet]

    Date of ship loss: [DD/MM//YY]


    Comments: [How did you die?]

    Example SRP request:

    Ingame character name: Isabella Echerie

    Fleet type: Solo PVP

    FC: None

    Fleet ping:

    Date of ship loss: 18/08/2021


    Comments: I forgot concord existed

    Suspect Squadron Ship Replacement Program

    SRP for Suspect Squadron and Suspicious Intentions is paid out directly by the corp itself.

    Exception is Coalition CTAs and Strat Ops which are SRPed by coalition.

    To request SRP fill the SRP form you can find in the SRP template thread.

    SRP conditions:

    Pinged fleets are SRPed at 50% ship value

    Any other PVP activity is SRPed at up to 30mil ISK at a rate of 40% ship value

    Not SRPed are: Expensive items in cargo which do not play any role in the pvp capabilities of the ship, e.g. exotic dancers, skillbooks, ore

    If your SRP request has not been handled within 24 hours please message a director.

    The Suspect Ratting guide

    Chapter 1: What is ratting?

    This guide will explain to you what "ratting" is and how to do it. Ratting as an activity is essentially hunting NPCs. For this you can warp

    to asteroid belts and kill the NPCs that spawn there, often fewer in numbers, or repeatedly "farm" combat sites.

    You can find those combat sites in your probe scanner:

    Generally the preferred type of ship for this activity is a drone boat, e.g. the Vexor, Myrmidon or Gila among others, due to drones not

    consuming ammo and therefor leaving you with the most profit. Also drones compared to energy and hybrid turrets don't consume capacitor

    leaving you with more room for tank.

    Chapter 2: How do you run those sites?

    When warping to a site it is generally suggested to orbit any object within that combat site at 1000 meters. If you have an afterburner activate it as well.

    This will keep your transversal up which makes it harder for the enemies to hit you and therefor reduces the damage you receive. Not every ship needs to do this though.

    Ships that don't need to do this are: Praxis, Armageddon, Ishtar, Dominix

    That is assuming the fits are made to "facetank", which means to just sit there and be able to tank anyway.

    If your drones are being shot by the NPCs in the site recall them, wait about 5 secs and then send them out again. This should make the NPCs shoot you again.

    Chapter 3: What ship can I use for ratting?

    There is a plethora of ships you can potentially use for ratting. Due to not every ship being equal not every ship can run every site. Therefor each

    listed fit also suggest a type of site you can run with it, assuming Gurista NPCs. These ships are ranked from very little skill intensive to very high skill intensive.

    Rookie Vexor

    Average income: ?

    Suggest combat sites: Guristas Rallypoint, Guristas Hub (with no addition to their name)

    Ratting Myrmidon

    Average income: ~21mil/h in bounties

    Suggested combat sites: Forsaken Hub

    Ratting Gnosis

    Average income: 21mil/h + loot

    Suggest combat sites: Forsaken Hub

    Ratting Gila

    Average income: 50mil/h

    Suggest combat sites: Forsaken hubs

    Ratting Dominix

    Average income: 60mil/h

    Suggested sites: Guristas Haven

    Ratting Ishtar

    Average income: 60mil/h

    Suggested sites: Guristas Haven

    Survival tips for EVE

    This guide explains to you how to evade death with a few simple tricks.

    Tip Nr 1: Keep an eye on local chat

    Tip Nr 2: Use the intel channel

    Tip Nr 3: Use a custom overview

    Tip Nr 4: Use the buyback and don't try to haul everything yourself

    Tip Nr 5: Set your route settings up correctly

    Exploration guide

    Chapter 1: Basics
    Exploration in nullsec is a highly profitable rookie activity and even remains for experienced players a valid option for quick income.
    To explore you scan down anomalies looking specifically for relic and data sites and hack the containers within those sites using relic

    and data analyzers. These contain the loot that you are looking after. During exploration please respect the following tips:

    1. Always loot every can in friendly space. Do not cherrypick

    2. Watch out for ghost sites. These sites contain valuable loot but also spawn NPCs after a set amount of time that will kill you and despawn the site.

    3. Please respect the PVE rules. They still apply to exploration.

    Chapter 2: Deep dive

    Watch this video for a thorough guide on exploration:

    Please respect that you do not need to filament. Exploring in our space should be good enough and put you at less risk.

    Below you will also find fittings that you can use for exploration. To load them ingame copy the text in the spoiler and

    On the linked page you will also find a list of sites you can warp to with no worries and also the ones (ghost sites) you shouldn't warp to:…can-i-warp-to-this-site/2

    Chapter 3: Fittings and ships for exploration

    Select under the browser in the fitting window in the bottom left "Import & Export". Here select "Import from Clipboard".

    Generally, all exploration frigates from all factions are fine with the Heron standing out as the most useful one for having

    the most midslots. The Astero is a good exploration frigate for experienced players due to its natural bonuses with covert ops

    frigates making for a more skill intensive but cheaper alternative.

    Rookie exploration Heron (Alpha Clone)

    Rookie Exploration Heron (Omega Clone)

    Nimble Explorer, Astero (for experienced pilots)

    PVE isn't allowed everywhere for diplomatic reasons. Generally you are allowed to do PVE everywhere in volta space.

    The exception hereby is renter space in which you are only allowed to run escalations you got from running combat sites.

    In the map below you can see where and where not you are allowed to do PVE:

    As we are a larger coalition we operate multiple staging systems. Below listed are all the staging systems and their related purpose

    Nullsec Staging: CCP-US

    Highsec Staging: Torrinos

    Suspect Buyback
    Valid Buyback Locations:

    C4C-Z4 - Keepstar

    CCP-US - Fortizar

    Torrinos - Tatara

    Suspect runs a buyback for: Loot, Salvage, Compressed Ores, Moon Ores

    1. Compressed Ores / Moon Ore Buyback

    Make a copy of the Buyback Spreadsheet click me and use it to calculate what you will be paid for your ores.

    Suspect buys any compressed ores or moon ores in C4C-Z4. Your contract will be accepted within 48 hours.

    Moon Ore:

    Please contract Moon Ore in the local station where it was mined.

    2. Loot / Salvage / PI

    Suspect Squadron buys back any Mission Loot at 90%, Salvage (and exploration loot) at 90% Jita Buy Price and PI at 90% Jita Buy Price.

    Use evepraisal to get your price. Click on the little cog wheel and set price percentage 90

    Make a contract with the buy price listed there and the evepraisal link as description.


    Reminder: Buyback contracts are only accepted in C4C-Z4.

    If your Buyback has not been accepted within 48 hours make sure to contact either Akizu or Isabella Echerie via discord.