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    This guide will explain basics of fleet combat including the following topics:

    1. Fleet Pings and how to join a fleet

    2. Basic fleet commands

    3. Fleet window and watch lists

    4. Broadcasting yourself

    5. Ship Replacement Program

    6. Guide videos

    Fleets in EVE are similar to organized battlegrounds or Raids in WoW. You join a fleet, sit in voicechat and have an objective for the fleet. Most fleets have basically no skill barrier and there is always a new player friendly ship available.

    1. Fleet Pings and how to join a fleet

    Fleets are pinged on two levels: Coalition level and Corporation level and can be found in two places:

    Corporation discord under Fleet Pings

    Coalition Discord under Coalition Pings and Casual Pings

    When a fleet is pinged the ping will normally include multiple informations:

    Fleet name - How the fleet is called in the fleet finder

    FC - The fleetcommander who is in charge of the fleet

    Doctrine - The ships used during the fleet

    Voice comms - The voice channel used for the fleet

    When - The time when the fleet will get started

    Sometimes the fleet information can also be found in the fleet MOTD after joining the fleet.

    More to doctrines: Staging Systems

    Fleet pings normally look similar to this:

    2. Basic Fleet Commands

    During a fleet there is a plethora of common commands used to keep the fleet easily organized.

    Below you will find a handbook on the most common commands and phrases used during a fleet.

    Before undocking:

    Undock - Undock from the station by hitting the undock button in the top right. It is a good idea to stop your ship after undocking too if nothing else is said within 30 seconds. This is to prevent drifting off tether.

    Primary / Secondary Anchor - Right click those pilots in chat or in the fleet window to add them to the watch list. By right clicking a pilot in the watch list you are able to interact with them in space without selecting them in space.

    Snowflakes - If you sit in a logistics ship you want to add those ships to your watchlist as well as they are essential to be kept alive.

    After undocking:

    After undocking it is important that you have your fleet window open and switched to the history tab. There you should apply the "broadcast history" filter. More information to broadcast filters you can find under the next section.

    Align to X - When the command to align is given you will also normally find it in your broadcast window. From there you can right click it and select "align to". Sometimes you will have to align to an enemy ship. If that is said you can use Q + Left click to approach that target. That will do the same as aligning.

    Anchor up - If you are told to anchor up you right click the primary anchor and keep at range 1000.

    Switch Anchor to X - You change the anchor to whoever is given as next anchor. This has to happen quickly as the current anchor is either webbed, which will result in the fleet slowing down and being easier to hit, or died.

    Prop mods on - Activate your propulsion mod, either Afterburner or Microwarpdrive

    Hardeners on/off - Activate or deactivate your armor or shield hardeners. Even if not called activate them anyway. Without hardeners you have no resistances therefore you die faster.


    Gate is red / Do not jump - Do not jump the gate. Really, do not jump the gate.

    Gate is green / Jump - Take the gate. Easily can be confused with do not jump hence FCs are encouraged to add in "Gate is red".

    Free burn to X - You are given a destination in fleet chat and are supposed to travel quickly there yourself. It can also be broadcasted as "travel to".

    Get on the bridge - There is a titan undocked and you are supposed to right click --> keep at range 1000. Make sure to keep your prop mod off so you do not bump the titan.

    Take the bridge - The titan will light up blue and you right click it and hit "jump through to X" (x being the destination system).

    Hold gate cloak - After jumping do not move. This will keep your ship cloaked for 1 minute.

    Burn saves - Small ships, e.g. frigates, are supposed to start burning away from the fleet to 200km+. This allows the FC to warp the fleet to you and use you as mobile bookmarks.

    During combat:

    Orbit at X - A distance is given and you are supposed to orbit the FC at that given range.

    Spread out / Star burst - Ships are supposed to start burning away in different directions. This is used to getting the fleet spread out on grid or escape a situation.

    Lock up X - You are suppoed to lock up the broadcasted target. This does not yet mean you are supposed to shoot.

    Shoot X / Primary is X - a target is broadcasted and you are supposed to start shooting it.

    Secondary is X - the next target to be shot at. Stay on the primary target until it died.

    Switch target to X - shoot the new target, stop shooting the old one.

    Reps on X - This affects logistic ships. They are supposed to rep the broadcasted target immediately over any other.

    Put your drones on X - You are supposed to put your drones on the broadcasted target or smaller ships.

    Free fire - Start shooting any target on grid still.

    Shoot tackle - Start shooting interdictors and any tackle ships. Also put your drones on them unless told otherwise.

    Defang drones / fighters - You are supposed to start shooting enemy drones or fighters. If you use the corp overview you can also right click one of the tabs and go to presets and select the enemy drones / enemy fighters preset.

    Sort A-Z - On your overview sort the enemy ship types or character names A-Z. This will normally be specified during a fleet.

    3. Fleet window and watch lists

    In a fleet your most important tool next to your overview is your fleet window and your watchlist. It allows you to keep track of the rest of the fleet, broadcasts and quickly select members of your fleet. During a fleet make sure to have your watch list properly set up before undocking.

    During fleet you want to have your History tab open in your fleet window and the proper broadcast history settings loaded. In corp MOTD you can find broadcast presets called "DPS Broadcast" for DPS ships and "Logi Broadcast" for logistics ships.

    4. Broadcasting yourself

    During a fleet you want to broadcast for various things like armor or shield. If you are in an armor fleet you want to broadcast for armor, if you are in a shield fleet you want to broadcast for shield. To broadcast you can click on the respective icon in the overview or set a shortcut in your game's settings.

    When to broadcast for reps:

    1. You are being yellowboxed by a lot of the enemy fleet.

    2. You are getting target painted (suggest by the target painter icon over your HP bar)

    When not to broadcast for reps:

    1. You are being hit by bombdamage

    2. You are being hit by smartbombs

    3. You are in a small T1 frigate or fast tackle unless outside of a fight or you think you have something important tackled, e.g. links, hostile anchor, the entire enemy fleet.

    5. Ship Replacement Program

    Doctrine ships lost during a pinged fleet are replaced in the shape of isk but you have to manually apply for that. To do that you have to click on a SRP link. SRP links are linked after fleets either in the pings channel or in the ingame fleet channel.

    After clicking on the SRP link you will be sent to a SRP form on the corporation or coalition auth. To fill that form you will need to fill in the following info:

    1. The Zkillboard link for your death (can be found here:

    2. Additional information about your death. E.g. changes you made to your fit if you changed anything there.

    Please remember that SRP being paid out can take time, so please be patient.

    6. Guide Videos

    Welcome to the thread about the first BL0B Elite Frigate Tournament!

    Here the rules for the tournament will be laid out so you can prepare for it.

    Please respect that all ships for the tournament will be handed out and you are not allowed to bring your own ships.

    General Information:

    Prizepool: 500 Plex (#1 gets 300 Plex, #2 100 Plex, #3-4 50 Plex)

    Date: Sunday, 27/02/2022 19:00 EVE Time


    1. All ships are handed out. No modifications are allowed to be made.

    2. If a participant is unable to use the handed out ship he may trade it for another one.

    3. When choosing a ship you are not allowed to check the fit beforehand.

    3. All frigates are T1 fitted.

    4. All fights will be held as either 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 with teams being chosen at random.

    5. The rules are entirely made up

    Following ships will be available during the tournament:

    Light Missile Launcher Condor

    Artillery Punisher

    Beam Laser Atron

    Blaster Burst

    Neuting Venture

    How to apply to the tournament:

    Entry to the tournament is free. All you have to do is message Isabella Echerie (I-401#1753) on Discord.

    Abyssal Beginner Guide

    This guide was specifically made for new players to guide them through their first few runs in abyssals and also handhold them all the way to T3 Abyssals.

    It includes a general explaination of what abyssals are, guides on how to run them and what you can expect in income. There will also be skill plans available ingame

    which you can follow to be handholded skill wise as well all the way to T3 Abyssals.

    What are Abyssals?
    Abyssals are the only case of instanced PVE in EVE Online in which you are entirely safe from outside intervention.

    Each Abyssal Filament has its own effects which effect your ship and all the NPCs inside it. All the suggested fittings also suggest you which Filament to use.

    Within an Abyssal you have to complete three (3) rooms filled with hostile NPCs you have to kill to progress to the next room.

    To complete them you are time limited to 20 minutes. You can check your remaining timer by hovering over the red symbol in the top left of your screen.

    In each room you will find one or multiple loot containers while your focus should be on looting at the very least the Triglavian Biocombinative Cache in every room.

    There can also be resource caches but those are very far spread and contain significantly less loot than the main container which is why most players leave those out.

    To loot any of these containers you will need to shoot them and loot the wreck that is left behind.

    Once you killed the hostile NPCs and have looted the room you have to move on to the Transfer Conduit, a triangle shaped warp gate and activate it. To activate it right click it and hit "Activate gate".

    This will bring you to the next room or, after the third room, back out of the abyssal.

    How to get into the Abyss

    To get into the abyss you will need to buy Abyssal Filaments.

    Those you can acquire on the market. You will need to put them in the cargohold of your ship.

    Once you are undocked and ready to go make sure to create a bookmark from where you can run your abyssal sites (if you don't know how to make a bookmark check tip #4).

    Once at your spot you open your cargohold and use your filaments in your cargohold to start the Abyss. If you are in a destroyer or a frigate it will tell you to form a fleet.

    You can simply form a fleet with yourself by right clicking your name in chat and hitting "Form fleet with". This will put you in a fleet with yourself and you are able to run a fleet with yourself.

    T0/T1 Abyssal Punisher Guide

    Tips for the Abyss

    With the basic sorted here will now be a few tips for the abyss listed. If you follow all of them you should have a good time and be able to make decent amounts of ISK.

    1) Always have enough spare ISK to buy the ship you are currently using at least once again.

    Abyssals can be hard and they have been made in a way that in the higher levels you are often faced with situations you might more likely die in.

    So it is important to always have enough ISK in the backhand to replace the ship you are currently using.

    2) Never fly straight towards enemies.

    Just as outside of the Abyss the damage you receive is influenced by transversal, transversal being the the relative speed of your ship to the enemy ship that is firing at you.

    This can make a difference between a grazing shot or a critical hit. One doing far less damage than the other. To manually set a course for your ship hold Q, this will allow you to drag a line with your mouse, hit left click once you have set a horizontal course after which it will allow you to set a vertical course, when you again hit left click you will move in that direction.

    3) Dock regularly to stations and drop off your loot and repair your modules.

    Dying is a real threat. So make sure to drop off your loot and repair your modules in stations.

    4) Use your filaments in safespots.

    To make a safespot press Ctrl + B, this will open the "create bookmark" menu.

    While you are warping between to spaces you now can hit Enter to create the bookmark and warp back to it by right clicking in space --> locations and selecting the location you created.

    You can find all the bookmarks you made by clicking in the top left on the hamburger menu (neocom menu) --> Personal --> People and Places.

    5) Abyssals in frigates or destroyers require more filaments but also drop more loot

    If you run Abyssals in frigates you will need 3 filaments, if in destroyers you will need 2 filaments as you are able to bring that many people into the abyss with you.

    If you run the Abyss solo with any of that shiptype you will also get more loot as they are designed for multiple people. The dificulty does not change in itself though.

    Abyssal Fittings and Skillplans

    As mentioned before this guide will accompany you all the way to T3 Abyssals.

    To find the skillplan open the skill window, select skillplans and select "Corporation Skillplans".

    Here you can find a number of Skillplans, among them the Abyssal Newbie skillplan.

    Once you have finished the skillplan you will be able to fly the T3 Abyssal Gila decently as well as all the other skills.

    The skillplan is structured in a way that you progress from Corax to Caracal to Gila.

    To find the Corporation fittings for the Abyss please visit our corporation auth. The list to the abyssal fittings:

    To load the fittings ingame open one of the fittings, select "copy to EFT" and copy the text.

    Now you will have the fit in your clipboard. To laod it in game open your fitting window, click in the browser on the bottom left "Import & Export"

    and select "import from clipboard".

    Please remember that only the Fittings listed on the website are correct. Use the ones listed ingame at your own disgression or

    feel free to ask if they are still up-to-date on our discord.

    Joining a fleet is fun but joining a fleet also means you are taking part in a group activity instead of making isk or similar.

    To reward the players who put their effort into helping their entire group the Fleet Activity Reward System exists.

    Below you can see the rewards that are handed out to the most active pilots in corporation.


    1. A member can only receive one (1) reward per month.

    2. Rewards marked in gold are only handed out once in total per month.

    3. Fats are only counted for the current month but across all characters.

    4. There is special rewards for the member with the highest single character fats, marked in green.

    5. All rewards will be handed out towards the start of the next month.

    Fats = Fleet Activity Tracker, awarded for participating in a fleet

    Number of Fats required
    100.000.000 ISK
    Legion Hull + Subsystems
    Moros / Revelation
    Most fats on a single character

    Get started Guide for Suspect University

    Hello and welcome to our University corp! This guide will explain what you should do at the beginning of your journey. As this guide is a long read just read it as you play the game and keep coming back. Below you will find the sections:

    1. How to get settled

    2. Links to guides for different PVE activities and an explanation how each ship you received works

    3. Fleet up and play with other players

    1. How to get settled

    Once you have joined the corporation and set up on the according services to get access to Voicechat and Discord Servers the next big journey ahead of you is to come down to our space. While we have both a highsec staging and a nullsec staging you should first come to our highsec staging and set your homestation there.

    For that you will need to fly to the following station:


    You can find this station linked in the ingame corp chat MOTD:

    Also make sure to join the Main Corp Chat too by clicking on the blue sspct text.

    Once you arrived make sure to set your homestation to that station so when you die you don't have to fly back here all over again.

    This station should be for now your main base of operations.

    Setting your homestation:

    (You can click on this image to maximize it)

    Receiving your starter ships

    After you have set your homestation you should make sure you have received your starter ships. To receive them you have to accept the contract assigned to you.

    You can find your contracts by clicking on the E symbol in the top left, clicking on finances and then clicking on "Contracts". In that window you will find a notification similar to this one:

    Set up your Overview window

    The default overview window provides unfiltered information and is bare bones in general. Make sure you set up a custom overview. An example guide to set one up is linked below:

    Custom Overview

    2. PVE Gameplay Guides

    Each of the ships you have received in your starter set will correspond to one of the guides listed below. Next to the guide name will be listed the name of the ship that should be used alongside the guide highlighted in yellow. If you lose any of the free handout ships you can receive new ones by simply asking.

    Exploration Guide (Alpha Clone Heron)

    Exploration is a high reward low risk activity which mainly depends on player skill and can be done in any part of space.

    Exploration can have very high loot payouts but is also relatively RNG based.

    Exploration Guide

    Abyssal Guide (T0/T1 Electrical Abyss)

    Abyssals are closed off pve instances similar to dungeons in other games which can be completed alone or depending on ship size with 2 (Destroyers) or 3 (Frigates) players and corresponding more loot. This activity has relatively high rewards and consistent loot payouts.

    Abyssal Beginners Guide

    Ratting Guide (Rookie Algos)

    Ratting is a repetitive activity in which you kill NPCs to collect the bounties and loot. A guide for this activity is linked below too.

    The Algos can also be used to complete level 1 and potentially level 2 missions.

    Ratting Guide

    3. Fleet up and PVP

    Playing with other people and taking part in PVP fleets is an integral part of the game.

    In the end, in an open world pvp game fighting other players is the most exciting part.

    PVP does not need to be expensive and in almost all beginner fleets ships will be handed out for free.

    To take part in a PVP fleet make sure you keep your eyes open for pings on the Suspect Discord and also talk to people on voicechat.

    You can always organize your own pvp too!

    Go read our beginner's fleet PVP guide here and learn all about PVP:…leet-combat-guide/#post37

    In combat and out in space it can be important to only see things on your overview which you actually need.

    For this we have a corporation overview that you can use. You are free to use whatever overview you want to.

    Just make sure to use one that is better than the default EVE overview as it is considered very bad.

    How to set up the corporation overview:

    Step 1: Join the Sara-Shawa Overview channel

    You find it in the Corp MOTD.

    Step 2: Download the overview pack

    Click on Part 1 to Part 4 and download them in order:

    1, 2, 3, 4

    Step 3: Select the main Tab in your overview and open the overview settings

    Just as said above. Select the main tab on your new overview and then open the overview settings.

    Step 4: Make sure to have all friendlies and hostiles shown on the Main tab.

    Simply follow the highlighted steps below. In step 3 select for all options "show by default.

    Afterwards you can close the settings window. You DO NOT have to hit save. It saves automatically.

    Step 5: Customizing your overview.

    Once you have set up your overview you are free to customize it.

    To do that you have to first understand what each tab does:

    * - Tab: Travel. It shows stations, stargates but no players or NPCs. This is a nice way to travel through highly populated systems.

    Main - Tab: Basic PVP / PVE. Shows friendlies and hostiles. This is for small to midgang pvp.

    3 - Tab: Normal PVP tidi. This shows only hostile players. This is useful in massive fights as it allows you to see less players. This is especially useful in fights of 100+

    4 - Tab: Hostile logistics. This shows you hostile logistic ships only.

    Warpout: This shows you only celestials (planets etc.) and allows you to quickly warp to a random spot when you have to run away.

    You are free to customize your tabs. There is also preloads saved. Please make sure to leave tab *, Main, 3 and Warpout there as you will use them a lot.

    When you right click a tab you get the option "Load preset to tab". This allows you to choose from a bunch of other preloads that you can load to your current tab.

    While Suspicious Intentions is ready to take up anyone who is willing to be an active part of our community, Suspect Squadron is supposed to be the bullwark of Suspect. This means that any pilot who is a member of this corp is required to partake in PVP on a different level compared to your average pilot. To keep this possible every member who wants to join Suspect Squadron has to fulfil a number of requirements before doing so which will be explained below.


    o 10 million Skillpoints (10,000,000)

    o Cruiser 5 in either Amarr, Gallente or Minmatar

    o the ability to fly a Heavy assault cruiser or Logistics Cruiser (T2)

    o be self reliant and active in fleets as well as generally active in the community

    Copy paste the template below to your SRP request thread. SRP requests not following this form will be denied.

    Ingame character name: [Character name]

    Fleet type: [Roam/Solopvp/Stratop]

    FC: [FC name]

    Fleet ping: [leave empty if not a pinged fleet]

    Date of ship loss: [DD/MM//YY]


    Comments: [How did you die?]

    Example SRP request:

    Ingame character name: Isabella Echerie

    Fleet type: Solo PVP

    FC: None

    Fleet ping:

    Date of ship loss: 18/08/2021


    Comments: I forgot concord existed

    Suspect Squadron Ship Replacement Program

    SRP for Suspect Squadron and Suspicious Intentions is paid out directly by the corp itself.

    Exception is Coalition CTAs and Strat Ops which are SRPed by coalition.

    To request SRP fill the SRP form you can find in the SRP template thread.

    SRP conditions:

    Pinged fleets are SRPed at 50% ship value

    Any other PVP activity is SRPed at up to 30mil ISK at a rate of 40% ship value

    Not SRPed are: Expensive items in cargo which do not play any role in the pvp capabilities of the ship, e.g. exotic dancers, skillbooks, ore

    If your SRP request has not been handled within 24 hours please message a director.

    The Suspect Ratting guide

    Chapter 1: What is ratting?

    This guide will explain to you what "ratting" is and how to do it. Ratting as an activity is essentially hunting NPCs. For this you can warp

    to asteroid belts and kill the NPCs that spawn there, often fewer in numbers, or repeatedly "farm" combat sites.

    You can find those combat sites in your probe scanner:

    Generally the preferred type of ship for this activity is a drone boat, e.g. the Vexor, Myrmidon or Gila among others, due to drones not

    consuming ammo and therefor leaving you with the most profit. Also drones compared to energy and hybrid turrets don't consume capacitor

    leaving you with more room for tank.

    Chapter 2: How do you run those sites?

    When warping to a site it is generally suggested to orbit any object within that combat site at 1000 meters. If you have an afterburner activate it as well.

    This will keep your transversal up which makes it harder for the enemies to hit you and therefor reduces the damage you receive. Not every ship needs to do this though.

    Ships that don't need to do this are: Praxis, Armageddon, Ishtar, Dominix

    That is assuming the fits are made to "facetank", which means to just sit there and be able to tank anyway.

    If your drones are being shot by the NPCs in the site recall them, wait about 5 secs and then send them out again. This should make the NPCs shoot you again.

    Chapter 3: What ship can I use for ratting?

    There is a plethora of ships you can potentially use for ratting. Due to not every ship being equal not every ship can run every site. Therefor each

    listed fit also suggest a type of site you can run with it, assuming Gurista NPCs. These ships are ranked from very little skill intensive to very high skill intensive.

    Rookie Vexor

    Average income: 15-20

    Suggest combat sites: Serpentis Forlorn Rallypoint

    Ratting Myrmidon

    Average income: ~30mil/h in bounties

    Suggested combat sites: Forlorn Rallypoint / Hub

    Ratting Gnosis

    Average income: 30mil/h + loot

    Suggest combat sites: Forsaken Hub

    Ratting Gila

    Average income: 50mil/h

    Suggest combat sites: Forlorn hubs / Havens

    Ratting Dominix

    Average income: 60mil/h

    Suggested sites: Serpentis Haven

    Ratting Ishtar

    Average income: 60mil/h

    Suggested sites: Serpentis Haven

    Survival tips for EVE

    This guide explains to you how to evade death with a few simple tricks.

    Tip Nr 1: Keep an eye on local chat

    Tip Nr 2: Use the intel channel

    Tip Nr 3: Use a custom overview

    Tip Nr 4: Use the buyback and don't try to haul everything yourself

    Tip Nr 5: Set your route settings up correctly

    Exploration guide

    Chapter 1: Basics
    Exploration in nullsec is a highly profitable rookie activity and even remains for experienced players a valid option for quick income.
    To explore you scan down anomalies looking specifically for relic and data sites and hack the containers within those sites using relic

    and data analyzers. These contain the loot that you are looking after. During exploration please respect the following tips:

    1. Always loot every can in friendly space. Do not cherrypick

    2. Watch out for ghost sites. These sites contain valuable loot but also spawn NPCs after a set amount of time that will kill you and despawn the site.

    3. Please respect the PVE rules. They still apply to exploration.

    Chapter 2: Deep dive

    Watch this video for a thorough guide on exploration:

    Please respect that you do not need to filament. Exploring in our space should be good enough and put you at less risk.

    Below you will also find fittings that you can use for exploration. To load them ingame copy the text in the spoiler and

    On the linked page you will also find a list of sites you can warp to with no worries and also the ones (ghost sites) you shouldn't warp to:…can-i-warp-to-this-site/2

    Chapter 3: Fittings and ships for exploration

    Select under the browser in the fitting window in the bottom left "Import & Export". Here select "Import from Clipboard".

    Generally, all exploration frigates from all factions are fine with the Heron standing out as the most useful one for having

    the most midslots. The Astero is a good exploration frigate for experienced players due to its natural bonuses with covert ops

    frigates making for a more skill intensive but cheaper alternative.

    Rookie exploration Heron (Alpha Clone)

    Rookie Exploration Heron (Omega Clone)

    Nimble Explorer, Astero (for experienced pilots)

    PVE isn't allowed everywhere for diplomatic reasons. Generally you are allowed to do PVE everywhere in volta space.

    The exception hereby is renter space in which you are only allowed to run escalations you got from running combat sites.

    In the map below you can see where and where not you are allowed to do PVE:

    Alliance Services

    Once you have joined our Corporation you will have to log in yourself into our webstructure to authorize yourself and get access to discord channels, our mumble server and more. Depending on which Corporation you are part of (Suspect Squadron, Suspicious Intentions, Suspect University) you will have to set up on different services. All of this is explained below.

    Suspect University

    As a member of our Highsec University corp you will only need to authorize yourself on the Corporation Auth Page. To do this authorize your character on this page:

    Once you have logged in there you will also need to link your ingame character to our discord. To do this you click on the auth page on the "Services" button and on that page on the "action button" (accept symbol) next to "Discord". You can also see a step by step image guide just below.

    Suspicious Intentions

    Step 1: Coalition Discord

    As a member of our nullsec corporation you will need to set up the Suspect Auth as explained above but also the services for coalition.

    As before with the Suspect Discord make sure to set up the coalition discord.

    To gain access to the Coalition Fleet pings as well as coalition discord channels you will also need to add all your characters to Audit on the coalition auth (

    Step 2: Coalition Mumble

    After having set up the coalition and alliance discord you will now also have to set up Mumble. Mumble is a voice chat program which we use to organize in bigger groups and also have all members of coalition on one comms server. To do this you will need to download mumble:

    Once you have downloaded mumble you will need to connect to both the coalition and the alliance mumble server.

    Currently we primarily use the coalition mumble server

    To connect to the coalition mumble server you will need to:

    1. Go to the services tab on the coalition auth (

    2. Click on activate on the Mumble Service row (little yellow accept button)

    This creates a user account on our mumble server for you. You can use that to manually connect to the mumble service by entering the domain and port and using your ingame character name (e.g. Isabella Echerie) and the password you have set yourself. You can later edit your password at any point by clicking on the pencil symbol next to the mumble service.

    3. Click on the green connect button. This will open mumble as well as a prompt which asks you to enter your password. Simply enter your password.

    To set up the alliance discord simply repeat the above steps on the alliance auth (

    Once you are connected to the Mumble Server please make sure to also set up a Whisper / shout key. as shown in the video below. This will be your primary push to talk button.

    Step 3: Adding your characters to Auth

    To add your characters to auth go to and select in the top right "add character token".

    Repeat this for all your characters.

    The below listed information are staging orders and are not optional. You are obligated to have one ship of every doctrine listed below in the stated station. If you click on the name of the doctrine it will take you to the corporation doctrine page where you can see all ships part of that doctrine.

    We are a PVP corp so having ships for PVP is necessary.

    Deathclone / Homestation: C4C-Z4

    Make sure to put your Home station here.


    Muninn Doctrine

    Eagle Doctrine

    AHAC Doctrine

    Ferox Doctrine

    Battleship Doctrine

    Highsec Staging: Torrinos

    Make sure to put a jumpclone in the Tatara.


    Nano Gang Doctrine