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  • Isabella Echerie

    Posted the thread Fleet Combat Guide.
    This guide will explain basics of fleet combat including the following topics:

    1. Fleet Pings and how to join a fleet
    2. Basic fleet commands
    3. Fleet window and watch lists
    4. Broadcasting yourself
    5. Ship Replacement Program

    6. Guide videos

    Fleets in EVE are…
  • Cpt-Flint

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    In combat and out in space it can be important to only see things on your overview which you actually need.

    For this we have a corporation overview that you can use. You are free to use whatever overview you want to.

    Just make sure to use one that is
  • Damian H

    Replied to the thread Role requests.
    I know this is not the place to post this. But I figure I would just take a look around. I used to be with the community (before it changed aka rebranded) that originally had this domain/forums site. Anyways wanted to see where it has gone as of now and…
  • AJ Redshirt

    Replied to the thread Role requests.
    AJ Redshirt
  • newbia

    Replied to the thread Role requests.