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    The fall of SuspectGaming due to staff going their separate ways back in 2019 was quite depressing and looked as if it was the fall of yet another Garry's Mod Community. However, recently the Community Founder and its former Lead Developer decided to launch a StarWars RP Server and invite many of their old staff and members back. Some of those included me. I have decided to launch this steam group as our new start. Welcome home returning members and great to invite you in if you are a new member. Sit back and relax because we are launching this server very soon. Below you can find the links to our groups and discord.

    Discord link: https://discord.gg/Ckqpkzs

    SWRP IP:

    Content Pack: https://steamcommunity.com/sha…iledetails/?id=2072665314

    Steam Group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/suspectgamingger

  • Check out some of our latest threads including: -NRP Staff Punishments Revamped: http://suspectgaming.net/index.php?thread/390-punishment-guidelines/ -Ways to Boost your FPS in Garry's Mod: http://suspectgaming.net/index.php?thread/389-small-fps-boost/
  • Hello All A quick message regarding NRP and SWRP. SWRP was sadly converted into Occupation RP aka The New NRP for development and Player-Pool issues and lack of development. We should be able to look forward to Better Bandwidth, More RAM, Faster Speeds, Less Downloads, More Performance Optimizations, Better FPS, and a Larger Player Count with a More Optimal Map. We will be in our element as a staff team and more able to properly staff the server development wise and Staff/Player Relations. I hope we can grow and thrive as a powerful community and as a powerful staff team full of professional staff members. I am confident that our staff team is more then skilled at what they do and more than equipt to handle this change. My full support and trust to the NRP Staff Team and Developers. May you all gain knowledge and technical skills along our journey into the major change we can call Change Log 11/24/2018. As always Your Dedicated Server Owner, Damian Richard Heidingsfelder Jr. Hallo alle Eine kurze Nachricht zu NRP und SWRP. Das SWRP wurde leider in Occupation RP aka The New NRP umgewandelt, was die Entwicklung und den Spielerpool anbelangt. Wir sollten uns auf eine bessere Bandbreite, mehr RAM, schnellere Geschwindigkeiten, weniger Downloads, mehr Leistungsoptimierungen, bessere FPS und eine größere Anzahl von Spielern mit einer optimalen Karte freuen können. Wir werden als Stabsteam in unserem Element sein und in der Lage sein, die Serverentwicklung und die Mitarbeiter / Spieler-Beziehungen besser zu besetzen. Ich hoffe, dass wir als starke Gemeinschaft und als starkes Mitarbeiterteam mit professionellen Mitarbeitern wachsen und gedeihen können. Ich bin zuversichtlich, dass unser Mitarbeiterteam mehr als gut darin ist, was er tut, und mehr als nur auszustatten, um mit dieser Änderung umzugehen. Meine uneingeschränkte Unterstützung und mein Vertrauen zum NRP Staff Team und den Entwicklern. Mögen Sie alle Kenntnisse und technische Fähigkeiten auf unserem Weg in die große Veränderung erwerben, die wir als Change Log 11/24/2018 bezeichnen können. Wie immer Ihr dedizierter Server-Besitzer Damian Richard Heidingsfelder Jr.
  • Welcome to my profile, NRP Owner Damian here with a quick introduction to this community. If you have any problems you can message me at https://steamcommunity.com/id/sgnrpowner/ and feel free to notify a staff member. You can visit our TeamSpeak at and our Garry's Mod Server IP: Please give your thanks to the cool Community Co-Owner Jimmada for all his time and effort. Maximus (Emhyr) the Head Administrator is doing his best to keep the staff team running effiently and the George the SWRP Co-Owner is also helping to keep things running smothly. This server is meant to have fun on and to truly expeirence uninterrupted gaming. We here at Suspect Gaming believe uninterrupted gaming is essential to have an amazing experience. I hope you can enjoy gaming on our wonderful server. Your Dedicated Server Owner, Damian Richard Heidingsfelder
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