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  • Basic Planetary Interaction

    You will learn:
    1. Skills
    2. Best ships to use
    3. Basic planet information
    4. How to setup a planet
    5. Common strategies

    1. Best preferred skills for pi are these skills for decent pi, while having all
  • Kathrine Natinde

    Posted the thread Faction Warfare Alts.
    Nullsec isn't the only place to make isk, this is a guide to how you can with relative ease make decent income down in lowsec, you can increase this income eventually to outstrip even carrier ratting but thats beyond the scope of this guide.

    step 1 is…
  • I-401

    Posted the thread Standing Orders.
    This post explains which systems we use and where you should have your ships.

    VI2K-J - Alliance Staging

    4-HWWF - Coalition Staging and Main Market

    H-5GUI - Inofficial Staging, important station

    T5ZI-S - WWB2 Staging (not used a lot)

  • I-401

    Posted the thread Nullsec Mining.
    Welcome to the Suspect Squadron Mining Guide
    Here you will learn:
    1. In what ship you can mine
    2. How to find a place to mine
    3. How to sell your ores
    4. How to optimize your mining
    So, let's get into it!

    1. What ship do you mine in?

    Here you have…
  • I-401

    Posted the thread Nullsec Ratting.
    The Suspect Squadron Ratting Guide

    1. Basic Introduction:
    As Ratting is described the activity of running Combat Anomalies or warping between Asteroid Belts (commonly known as belt ratting, which normally is more easily done than combat anomalies) to…
  • I-401

    Posted the thread Fleet Activity Rewards.
    Being active in fleets means that you actively participate in our efforts as a corporation.

    This should of course be rewarded. Therefor this program has been created to reward those who do show up

    to fleets repeatedly and put in effort to keep us as a
  • I-401

    Posted the thread Suspect joining LORDE.

    We are joining LORDE!

    Read below what this means.
    Our corp is today at 19:00 EVE Time joining LORDE. The alliance transfer will take a total of 24 hours.
    For this time we are currently blue to all of FRT, DTS, 2GTHR and LORDE itself. For this duration
  • I-401

    TLDR rundown by Driven of LORDE

    Perrigen Falls Home system (supers) G-GRSZ

    Vale Home: VI2K-J

    Leadership: Sounds stable. Played together 4 yrs+. Sound like adults. Seem laidback enough to allow personality, and not taking the game too seriously,…

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