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    Aufgrund des nun mehrfach negativen, als auch aggressiven und nervigen Verhaltens von Kaitomar und das aus jeder Kleinigkeit extremer Stress entsteht, verlasse ich nun das Team und wünsche allen anderen noch viel Spaß.

    Ebenso wie die anderen beiden würde ich Einspruch erheben!

    Du bist einfach
    nicht für so einen Posten geeignet und einfach viel zu kindisch und ein Troll

    Bitte erstelle hierzu im Diskussionsteil auf dem Forum einen Thread. Danach kann ich mich, wenn ich Zeit habe darum kümmern. Wir hatten am 02.01.19 und folgend ein größeres Update auf dem Server, wodurch alle Inventare resetted wurden. Wiederherstellung wird mit angepasster Währung stattfinden.
    (Eigentlich finden keine Wiederherstellungen mehr statt, daher kann es sich etwas verzögern, da das Überprüfen aufwendiger ist.)
    Von daher von diesem Post aus
    #sozusagen Abgelehnt

    Trotzdem, was schreibst du hier überhaupt?

    Die Verbesserungspunkte hat Tobi breits genannt - bei Punkt20 gehts ganz simpel mit !gag zb. Aber das würdest du alles bei ner Einführung genauer erklärt bekommen.

    Habe dich noch net allzu oft gesehen, was aber auch an meiner allgemeinen Aktivität mom liegt - fande dich aber immer net.

    Daher erstmal #dafür

    But jokes aside, TTT wasn't 'forced' to this teamspeak. It was clearly explained that we are a community and either you listen to the community staff (Dani and Jim) or things will happen. Like it happened to Klimbo. It took I think two hours of constant arguing and talking to actually get you guys to stop bitching about a teamspeak change, and even so, after it happening, TTT continued using old teamspeak to communicate. I don't know whether it was shut down, I was told it will be, but as far as I'm aware, you were using the old one because you didn't want to be in the new one.

    We didnt want to combine with the community, since we had several issues with the current NRP team. When they forced us over we said to us, that we'll try it and we did stay neutral first. But thanks to several incidents, we got insulted - the rights weren't given out fairly and more...

    TTT Has zero clue about what 'community' means, or how it operates. Even after so long of me leaving, TTT is the same. You think you are separate to SuspectGaming.

    Which means, that it's not TTT but more likely some members of SCP etc who are destroying this community and who are the reason, why we didn't want to change the ts in the first place...

    I'm not defending Kloss. I think that at least half of the 18 'active' perma bans are false. How is it even possible to be perma banned 18 times? If he got perma banned once, how can he come back and get banned again? I don't think this guy knows how to change his IP.

    Well that's because he always got unbanned the next day...but not by the ones giving him the bans

    Besides, why does Kaitomar have the power to remove Jim's permissions? This was said by Hans Kloss, so I don't 100% trust it is true, but I know Kaitomar would do something like this.

    Well Kaitomar has the rights, because Dani trusts him and did I think Kaitomar helped Dani with a lot of things.

    Even if Kaitomar did not remove Jims permissions, Kaitomar shouldn't be trusted with the ranks he has. Generally, nobody who spams other people's clients to crash it should be trusted. Maybe he only knows how to do stuff over the internet but not in real life.

    Well Kaitomar doesn't remove rights etc for no reason.

    Ah and one more - I am not an Admin, but a TTT Developer aswell. Moreover, I executed stuff which higher ppl told me to and those bans etc were all stuff, that was talked about.

    I served 3 bans in a row which spanned from 3 hours to 9 hours and you decided to ban me for 27 years. You call Damian as a "perm abuser" but look at the TTT Developer, he has every fucking perm on the Teamspeak and he even removes Jimm's permissions. Damian's not the problem here.

    Well so cool that I did all of that. Because I totally have the perms to do so ^-^
    My maximum fcking bantime is 2 days. And I dont even have the perms so change someones think - does that make you wonder suddenly? I wasn't the fcking only one who banned you...but 2 whole teams did.

    Again - if you dont have arguments - dont speak...

    Wow. The ttt team is very, very special

    Well it's not our fault. We got forced to this Teamspeak and we were ready to use it and tried to stay neutral to everyone. But if now fucking idiots from the other teams, mainly OCRP, come to us, insult us and try to annoy us, etc. - why is it then, that we are the special ones and not the ones whos fault all of this is?

    I got banned for no reason at all - that's why Damian lost his rights.

    Kloss has like 18 active Perma bans or so, that's why I keep banning him (we have spoken to Dani - he had enough chances, so we were allowed to do so). This is stupid enough, that you keep unbanning him, because Kloss DOES NOT learn. He keeps on insulting etc, because he knows he is gonna get unbanned anyways. He had enough chances and at some point its over...

    But without even warning me, Damian bans me for banning a user who should be banned, which means Damian abused his rights. After I got unbanned, he made that ban even longer for no reason and after that banned me even longer. Because he abused his rights this often, he got the rights to do so removed.

    So now tell me, where is this TTTs fault...