Planetary interaction - Hoe to setup a planet and do basicl PI

  • Basic Planetary Interaction

    You will learn:

    1. Skills
    2. Best ships to use
    3. Basic planet information
    4. How to setup a planet
    5. Common strategies

    1. Best preferred skills for pi are these skills for decent pi, while having all skills to 5 is the most optimal way to setup pi.

    2. When doing pi, there are 2 ships you need. One for setup and one for your daily runs. Any max cargo ship (Tayra, Itheron mark V, Bestower, Mammoth) and a Epithal.

    3. There are 7 different planet types in EVE, which all produce different material. Some do indeed have the same material but some planets have a higher amount of that material than others. Every planet needs a command centre and once placed it can be upgraded according to skills the max level is 5, it will cost to upgrade a fair bit. Each planet can build any facility so it's not locked to specific planets (ex this planet can only make things, this one can only extract). The basic modules there are: Extractor (collects raw material), Factory (basic,advance,hightech makes raw materials into higher “tiers” of PI), storage (where you can store materials), Launchpad (where you import or export PI materials). and then there is also Links which is essential to make your pi planet running, since it allows material to travel from facility to facility.

    4. What you need first is to undock your max cargo haulers with the command centres of respective planets you want to make. after that you right click on the planet you want to make pi on and select enter planeratary weiv(fuck english) (NOT MOONS). Once in the interface there are two menus on the left “Build” and “Scan”. Build menu will only contain a command centre until you have installed a command centre on the planet, The scan window will show you what materials you can extract and where the density of that material is the highest (Protip: When installing a command it does not have to be connected to your main extractors or factories). After you have set up a command centre you can finally build the things you want. Extractors can have different amounts of “nodes” which will basically define how much you extract from that extractor and then you can choose what to extract and for how long the cycle will be 3hours - 14 days. after you have done that you have to choose a destination for the materials, for that you need another facility to route it to. for that you need any other facility and make a link between them, otherwise it is impossible. If at any point you wanna change the destination of the materials you click the button 2nd from the left(looks like a circle with an arrow pointing out of it).there you click on the materials then delete route. to make a new one you click that again you can make a new route( this applies to all facilities). Once you have your raw material you want to refine it in a basic factory to its refined state. there will be a list where you can choose if you choose wrong it will not accept the input (this costs no money to readjust later) abd same withe the extractor it needs a place to go to after being done you can either push the refine matts into another factory or store it in a launchpad or storage. storeage can only store a great amount of materials but not launch em to the Customs office, which the launchpad can do but does not have that much space.(I recommend setting the route of the end products to the launch pad otherwise you will need to do expedited transfers between the 2 storage facilities). To claim the end product you need to transfer the materials in the launchpad to the Customs which can be done by dragging the materials to the other side(will cost you a small bit but not too much)after that you will need to use your epithal to go to the customs office to the drag the items into your cargo hold. you can also import materials reversing the steps to get matts out of the planet. after that it's pretty much done ^^

    5. When doing PI it is crucial to have a plan on what planets you need to use for what materials and if everything happens on one planet or over multiple. The strategy I recommend for max efficiency is to have extractor planets which only produce P1 materials to then be exported to another planet to make p2+ materials.


    • PI = Planetary Interaction
    • P0 = raw material
    • P1 = raw material that has been processed
    • P2 = Basic PI
    • P3 = Advanced pi
    • P4 = Highend PI