Faction Warfare Alts

  • Nullsec isn't the only place to make isk, this is a guide to how you can with relative ease make decent income down in lowsec, you can increase this income eventually to outstrip even carrier ratting but thats beyond the scope of this guide.

    step 1 is to refer yourself an alt https://www.eveonline.com/recruit log in and get your own referral link that way you get both rewards, make a new account using this link to claim that sweet sweet free sp, I suggest making an amarr character but honestly go with whatever you like, its only like 10-15 min flying time difference.

    Now that you have an alt what do you do with them? well we need to get into faction warfare, for this guide we will be looking at amarr because thats what I know but it is basically the same for all militias. You can join an existing faction warfare corp and your in, this is the suggested method, we may eventually make an alt corp for this if it proves popular but until then red sky morning are good guys with low requirements, any corp enlisted in faction warfare will work though so feel free to pick one yourself.

    ok so now yur in faction warfare, wat next... reading

    theese are very important guides so give them a read, the first explains mechanics of plexing and the seccond explains how to not die.

    Now for what you cam ehere for how to make isk

    method 1 deplexing:

    1) get a ship, unfitted friggate hull will do (not a venture)

    2) go to a system owned by your malitia, the faction warfare window will show you where these are it also says top left

    here we see a system owned by minmatar

    3) look at your probe scanner and pick any of the plexes (you should know about these from the eve uni article)

    4)warp in, dscan, run if anyone comes within 1au,

    5) repeat steps 3-4 until the timer is up and you get given lp, this is your reward

    method 2:

    1) get a ship, i like t1 destroyers so a thrasher or coercer will do nicely, make sure to add a mwd and some nice high damage guns

    2) go to a system owned by the opposing malitia, again the faction warfare window will show you where theese are

    3) use the probe scanner to find a plex

    4) warp in

    5) kill the rat

    5) spam dscan to make sure you don't die to random pvpers

    6) repeat 5-6 until the plex closes and you get your lp

    now tat you have lp what do yu do with it? you spend it at an lp store for faction items, you then sell these for profit, you can do this yourself or find someone to help.

    option 1:

    look up prices, pick an item, haul it to jita and sell it for buy rate, not an bad option if you have a blockade runner or dst on an alt

    option 2:

    same as option 1 but use sell orders, this needs an alt sitting in jita to manage things but it can work out nicely and make you a little extra

    option 3:

    sell locally, some people have market orders in the lp store stations so you don't need to haul, they usually pay a lower price though

    option 4:

    sell to me, I do this trading a lot and generally give a little more than the rate you get from option 1 of selling to buy orders after buying it from you locally, if you want to do this just message me and i will be happy to exchange