Nullsec Mining

  • Welcome to the Suspect Squadron Mining Guide

    Here you will learn:

    1. In what ship you can mine

    2. How to find a place to mine

    3. How to sell your ores

    4. How to optimize your mining

    So, let's get into it!

    1. What ship do you mine in?

    Here you have multiple options and all of them are good and good at different things.

    Which ship you can get and what it is good for is explained below. All fittings can be found in Corp Fittings.

    First disclaimer: Mining is TERRIBLE for alpha accounts. If you are an alpha please do not mine.

    Ship Name
    Purpose Projected Income Price
    Procurer Solo Mining, cheap and reliable
    (solo) 10mil/h to 60mil/h (R64 rocks), boosted up to 20-120mil/h (group mining)
    ~60mil ISK
    Covetor Group Mining ship, cheap and mining lots
    40-240 (R64 rocks) mil/h (group mining)
    ~65mil ISK
    Skiff Solo Mining, expensive but it tanks like a battleship (solo) 15-90mil/h (R64 rocks), (group mining) 30-180mil/h
    ~300mil ISK
    Hulk Group Mining ship, very expensive and mining lots 50-300mil/h (R64 rocks) (group mining)
    ~305mil ISK
    Porpoise Group Mining boosting ship
    10-60mil/h (group and solo)
    ~120mil ISK
    Orca Group Mining boosting ship
    20-120mil/h (group and solo)
    ~1.8bil ISK

    So, which of those should you choose? The Skiff and Procurer are a good option for solo mining. The income may seem bad but Mercoxit too will be available in all anomalies and will make you ISK. You are obligated though to mine it last and not cherry pick. The Hulk and Covetor are great if you are mining in a fleet where you know you most likely will not explode. It will make you the most money there. A Porpoise and Orca are great if you know what you are doing and want to take your part in making mining fleets happen. If you are interested in that please message leadership (Directors) on the Suspect Squadron Discord to receive a role for it and a basic introduction to mining fleets.

    2. Where do I mine?

    You want to mine either in Moon Mining fleets (check alliance and corp pings for those). Preferably you want to mine Moon Ores of R16 or greater type. But even R4 / R8 can be worth it as those fleets have most likely a boosting ship, increasing your income massively. If you want to mine normal ores you have to look out for Ore Anomalies. Those are in your Probe Scanner (press Alt-P to open it or click on your scanner and select probe scanner) and are under the group Ore Anomaly. Those will include rocks like Bistot, Arkonor and Mercoxit to name a few.

    If you are mining those remember to store them in a station that allows you to compress them. To check for that right click a station and check in its info if under Services it has Reprocessing.

    3. How to sell your ores

    To sell your ores you should use the corporation buyback as this pays you the easiest and safest ISK as we buy it where it is and it supports the corporation.

    Here you can find our buyback: Suspect Buyback

    4. How to optimize your mining

    Mining can be optimized in a plethora of ways and that can massively influence your income and possibly tripple it. Those are:

    o T2 Strip Miners with the related Mining Crystals

    This will increase your income by roughly 20% compared to without crystals and not really increase your ship cost. So this is a great way to start

    o Mercoxit Mining

    Mercoxit Mining can be comparable with Carrier Ratting in income and helps to build T2 ships.

    o Mining Fleets

    Group up with others to help warn each other of hostiles, protect yourself and also, especially, get boosts! Boosts decrease the time it takes you to cycle your mining lasers, increasing the yield, but also can increase the range of your mining lasers or increase the lifespan of your mining crystals.

    o Moon Mining

    Moon mining can get you a lot more in ISK, especially R16-R64 moons. Keep your eyes open. R64 Mining is among the best income of the game and has little requirements. Each rock is worth almost 10.000 ISK!