Nullsec Ratting

  • The Suspect Squadron Ratting Guide

    1. Basic Introduction:
    As Ratting is described the activity of running Combat Anomalies or warping between Asteroid Belts (commonly known as belt ratting, which normally is more easily done than combat anomalies) to kill NPCs in those to make money from Bounties, Loot and Salvage. This activity is done in Combat Ships where drone ships are the most popular choice. It is also suggested to use a Mobile Tractor Unit to have the loot be dragged into it and having all the wrecks grouped up. This makes it easier to also salvage the wrecks after the site is done.

    2. Ships used for Ratting:

    To go ratting you will need a ship. For this there is a plentitude of ships. Generally for beginners it is suggested to use cheaper ships for tasks like this.

    The suggested ships for ratting are:

    Ship (Fitting Name)
    Projected Income
    Price Estimate
    Skill Requirements
    Dragoon (T1 Ratting Starter Dragoon)
    n/A 6mil ISK very low
    Algos (T1 Ratting Algos)
    n/A 6mil ISK
    very low
    Vexor (T1 Ratting Vexor)
    20-40mil/h 50mil ISK
    Myrmidon (T2 Ratting Myrmidon)
    30-50mil/h 160mil ISK
    Gnosis (Ratting Gnosis (Guristas))
    30-50mil/h 70mil ISK
    Praxis (T2 Praxis Guristas)
    50-100mil/h 350mil ISK
    Dominix (Ratting Dominix)
    40-80mil/h 700mil ISK

    3. Combat Sites

    So, the question now is: Which combat sites can you run? And where do you find them? Time to answer those questions.

    To see the Combat Sites you have to open your Probe Scanner, to do this hit Alt + P or select "Probe Scanner" in the bottom left of your HP Bar by clicking on "Scanner" first. In your Probe Scanner you will see a number of Combat Sites.

    From those sites not every site is possible to do with every ship. The Combat sites difficulty is explained below with a suggested ship for each type of site.

    Combat Site
    Suggested Ship
    Guristas Rallypoint / Hub / Port / Forsaken Den (no additional title)
    Easy Vexor / Arbitrator
    Guristas Hidden Hub / Hidden Rallypoint / Hidden Den
    Hard (lots of small ships)
    Gnosis / Myrmidon
    Guristas Forsaken Hub / Forsaken Rallypoint / Guristas Port / any Forsaken Site
    Medium Gnosis / Myrmidon / Gila
    Guristas Haven / Guristas Sanctum
    Hard Gila / Praxis / Dominix

    Tips on clearing sites:

    o Kill small ships first. Those tend to Warp Scramble you and / or kill your drones.

    o If your ship is taking a lot of damage and you expect to die warp off early enough. Worst case leave your drones.

    o If your drones take damage recall them. This will remove the aggro from your drones and make the NPCs attack you instead.

    o You can avoid damage by keeping on moving. Orbit some structure within the combat site to have a permanent anchor while you are running the site.

    o Always check local chat. Hostile players can come in and ruin your day. If a neutral or unfriendly player enters your system: Dock up

    Useful shortcuts:

    o Alt + W makes you orbit something at your default orbit range

    o Shift + R to recall all your drones

    o F to tell your drones to attack a target

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