Fleet Activity Rewards

  • Being active in fleets means that you actively participate in our efforts as a corporation.

    This should of course be rewarded. Therefor this program has been created to reward those who do show up

    to fleets repeatedly and put in effort to keep us as a group afloat.

    Rewards Table

    FATs #
    10 FATs 25,000,000 ISK
    20 FATs
    25,000,000 ISK
    30 FATs
    Fitted Ship "Retribution" or Fitted Ship "Malediction"
    40 FATs
    50,000,000 ISK
    50 FATs
    50,000,000 ISK
    100 FATs
    Fitted Ship "DPS Legion" or "Logi Legion"
    200 FATs
    Fitted Ship "Revelation" or "Moros"
    #2 in FATs on Corp Level
    Fitted Ferox
    #1 in FATs on Corp Level
    Fitted Kikimora or (if at least 50 FATs) fitted Vedmak

    Terms and Conditions:

    1. This considers monthly FATs, not total FATs

    2. FATs are counted across an entire account. So if you use alts everything will count as total progress.

    3. The Revelation or Moros will only be handed out once per member