Suspect joining LORDE

  • We are joining LORDE!

    Read below what this means.

    Our corp is today at 19:00 EVE Time joining LORDE. The alliance transfer will take a total of 24 hours.

    For this time we are currently blue to all of FRT, DTS, 2GTHR and LORDE itself. For this duration DO NOT

    undock big toys unless you are sure you can re-dockthem and are able to save yourself. Or just wait 24h.

    Neither are you permitted to shoot either of those entities for the time being.

    Immediate changes:

    Staging: The alliance staging remains H-5GUI.

    Industry: Central industry system of the alliance is VI2K-J, G-GRSZ in PF

    Ratting and Mining: You are still permitted to do ratting and mining in

    all Tri State Systems (DTS, 2GTHR, LORDE) but as was the case in 2GTHR

    pleawse first and foremost use the systems of your own alliance,

    in this case LORDE.

    During the alliance transfer:

    o Do not undock big toys unless you are 100% certain you can redock

    o Do not shoot anyone who is blue unless you can proof they shot you first.

    If they kill you and were blue to you (e.g. were in LORDE, FRT, DTS, 2GTHR)

    they will have to reimburse you due to awoxing. If you can't proof they

    shoot you first you will have to SRP them if you kill them.

    Other changes:

    o You do not have to be registered on the Blades of Grass Services anymroe

    o The Capital Group requirements have checked. We are currently working

    on evemon skill plans, those will be available for download soon.

    For now check under Fittings and enter your

    capital's name.