Suspect Moving Alliances, Alliances Breakdown

  • TLDR rundown by Driven of LORDE

    Perrigen Falls Home system (supers) G-GRSZ

    Vale Home: VI2K-J

    Leadership: Sounds stable. Played together 4 yrs+. Sound like adults. Seem laidback enough to allow personality, and not taking the game too seriously, but seriously enough to be organized and capable and make our time in EVE well spent. Also sound open to others with ideas.

    PvP: Can stand up roughly 30 for a fleet. Sounds like probably stronger in USTZ so we could fit that nicely with our stronger EUTZ membership. They seem like they want people in fleets when you can, but they do not sound fanatical about it, or demanding of a certain percentage or making you have to jump thru a number of hoops each month or get kicked otherwise.

    Industry: impressive and thoughtful. PLenty of upside and mature planning of structures it appears, especially in managing MSCI and thinking thru supply chains. Mining fleets and plenty of moon goo opportunities. Also open to us putting up our own strucures as we grow.

    TLDR rundown by Isabella Echerie on .S0B.

    Vale Home system: H-UCD1

    Leadership: Dependant on one person. Unexperienced in Sov Nullsec. Would seemingly like to work together with our corp on an alliance level as we would be joining as the biggest corp by active players.

    PVP: Experienced FCs, smaller fleets focused on cheap ships killing expensive ships. They have very regular fleets due to their amount of experienced FCs.

    They do not demand % in fleets, they do not demand everyone to show up to a fleet. Activity is split between US and EU but both sides are generally small, fleets numbering at 6-10 people.

    Industry: Not really existent.

    This would primarily be a chance to build up an Alliance and help them to achieve something and play a major role within it, even bring in our own ideas and values.

    TLDR rundown of LTRIG by Isabella Echerie

    Vale Home System: