Suspect is moving to Vale!

  • As Blades of Grass is moving to Vale, so will we. Moving to Vale means we will have our own Alliance Constellation which we are supposed to rat and mine in. Just as well as what we are doing there it has to be explained how we will do it, so take a close look at this post to know what will happen!

    Part 1: Ratting & Mining Systems

    As an alliance we own the Constellation of 88G-M4. JZV-F4 is currently of limits. Also it is permitted to rat in any other systems of the TRI Alliance. Those are: LORDE and DTS.

    While ratting is permitted in the other TRI Alliance systems you should first and foremost use our systems.

    Rorquals are currently still of limits for ratting and mining. A Vale standing fleet should exist as well, so feel free to use it, too.

    In Vale please be extra careful of not-so-friendly visitors from Lowsec as they might Dreadbomb you. That means for our Capital friends: Keep your own Cyno ready!

    Important note: Perrigen Falls REMAINS. If you want you can always also rat in the systems you used to rat. Just expect no saving fleet. You are your own safety in this case.

    Part 2: How will we move?

    As Perrigen Falls is supposed to remain as a permanent residence for WinterCo you can also leave stuff there. Only take things with you that you are sure you will need.

    The move op also differentiates from ship type to ship type. We will split our Move Op into multiple parts on a corp level and it will differentiate for pilots.

    Subcap Owners:

    Rename your ships to your character's name and contract it fitted to Megumin Saiko.

    If you want to move your items use one of the Jump Freighter services or contact Isabella Echerie on Discord to see if we can stuff in your things.

    Once our Capital Ships have made it to the new staging this is the time when you will switch your medical clone to the new staging in either H-5GUI.

    You can do it earlier but as there will be a needed Subcap Support Fleet to move the Capitals and Supercapitals be ready to use a ship to help us out there.

    For Capital Owners:

    Get in contact with Isabella Echerie or Digitaltitan on Discord for more info.