Corporation Report February

  • Corporation Report #3

    Fortes fortuna adiuvat

    Fortune favors the brave

    As mentioned before we had nothing when we joined Nullsec. To this day I still remember when we were told we wouldn't survive as a corp.

    Since six months we have been in our new home in Nullsec. Things have changed, so have I. We had many wonderful people join our corp

    and have grown not only in numbers but also in human skills. We have become more organised, more capable and more active. So,

    let's see what the future holds?

    Now, let's get on with the actual report. This report will have focus on the following topics:

    I. Economical Development

    II. Military

    III. Industry

    I. Economical Development

    From humble beginnings we came, truly. In the last two months the networth of the corp grew from 110bil in December to 230bil in February. Quite a significant increase.

    While this in raw numbers looks like a lot it was primarily our Corp Wallet which has developed the best. Having received a decent bolstering from recent sales it has went

    from a single billion to a total of 20.5bil ISK at this point. This is especially helpful as this removes any financial worries we might have had and also works as a reserve on top

    of our reserve in actual assets.

    While the wallet has seen a major bolstering recent lower Green Light Timers resulted in us lowering our Rorqual activity in return diminishing the large scale income operations.

    This still serves a problem but will eventually be resolved, too.

    All in all, economically we are surely doing well, to say the least.

    II. Military

    This now is where it gets interesting. While our economical situation has improved it has been specifically our military operations which have seen the biggest improvements.

    From being able to form maybe 8 people we have improved to realistically being able to expect close to 20 pilots from just our corp. This, of course, is more than just a major

    improvement and the one that has me the happiest. It also makes me happy to see that we as corp have some teeth, too. This also means a lot more content on our side, which

    also tends to be more enjoyable than coalition fleets for most of our members but also results in greater trust between our members as they know they can rely on each other.

    (A screenshot of one of our recent fleets)

    Also on a coalition level we have been improving a lot, in both the last two months we have been under the Top 10 corporations by fleet activity, with #9 in December and #7 in January.

    This of course is great to see but still there is improvements we can make as there always will be.

    III. Industry

    With a shift in our industry from building a few capitals to mass producing subcapitals we have been mostly able to equip our fleets with self-built ships with often ores mined by our own Rorquals.

    But not only that: We even have Rorquals now. We didn't use them two months ago and now they act as the bread and butter of our industry along side our barge fleet. This of course enables us in the first place to do things we haven't been able to do before. May that be throwing away 20 cruisers a week or just producing more as well as stockpiling a grand total of 5 billion worth of ores still left untouched.

    Still, I wish our industrial capabilities were higher, but one may dream, right? But I think we are on a good way and should eventually hit the point where I am happy.

    Adding to this, we have acquired a large amount of ships recently in a (in my opinion) very good purchase. Acquiring all the ships seen in the image below, entirely fitted and

    ready for combat.

    This article may still be edited but for now this is everything. I thank you all for sticking around with me and putting your trust in me. I never imagined we would eventually come this far but hard work pays off. I hope especially that all of you are doing well, especially considering the many new faces we have around and hope you are doing well. Also: I recently had someone message me that he is sorry for messaging me thinking I am very busy usually. Don't be afraid of messaging me, I get a lot of messages but I answer them all and it is hard to annoy me, so just go ahead!