Half a year in EVE and a thank you.

  • This is not your average Corporation Report,

    this is me being beyond than simply happy about what we achieved in this first half a year,

    all together as a group, as friends.

    Chapter 1 - How it all began

    When we started our Corporation our Community had existed since almost 3 years, but in EVE, we had nothing. When I came to EVE I had previously taken a four year break. My personal networth amounted to less than two billion and we started from scratch. I, as a leader, even though I often seem very self-confident and even seemed so back then, had little idea of what we were going to do and where we were going to go. I myself was very much a newbro. I had less than 7 million skillpoints when we started. We were mining, doing missions together. We were having fun, not necessarily making big bucks, but we were a team of noobs doing noob stuff. But we were doing it together, having fun, playing the game.

    Chapter 2 - Into a Wormhole and out again, growing as a whole

    We had our small excursion into LTRIG, which didn't end too well. Normally, failure at such an early stage means the death of a Corporation. I expected us to die. When I was offered the choice between joining them with a high position and leaving Nullsec I chose to leave Nullsec. I chose that we as a group stay together. We did. In Nullsec we couldn't do a lot, by large it was a mistake to go there. Back in Highsec we changed though, we had goals. We wanted to go back into Nullsec, we wanted to get where those guys were, we wanted to be a Corporation that can do more than just mine Veldspar. So, we went back to our roots and we started to mine Veldspar again, we started to run Level 4 missions. But this time, it was different. We had a plan. And we had grown.

    We skilled into PVP Ships. We built our first Porpoise. We built PVP ships. We went out to our first roam and got absolutely wrecked. Still the people fighting us said that we did put up a decent fight and said they overformed since they though we are a large Hurricane fleet, it gave me as a CEO the feeling of appreciation, even if it was a loss. So we went back to mining. We made a small fortune in fact, at least from our perspective. We made from each mining op between 100 and 500 million ISK. We were making a lot, from our perspective. And again the important part: We were still staying together. During this entire time 1 (!) member left.

    So, we mined some more, built an Orca, joined a small, new, wormhole alliance. This was the first time I could take on a leadership position on a larger scale. I did say I was a Nullsec CEO (for about 3 weeks, but who cares about the small details, right?), I was respected by their leadership, I was given the chance to learn, I was given the chance to try. When it came time to defend the wormhole, it was me who put together a fleet to take down a suspected hostile station. We failed, but we made sure that the hostiles didn't come again. We achieved our goal, for the first time. Sadly, as with many small alliances, internal drama did kill the alliance. But still, we endured. We again were offered to join their corp, since we, so I was told, would not survive in the vast space of EVE because we are (yes, this is a quote) "no more than highsec carebears and miners mining their rocks, afraid of all PVP, but still pretending to be some elite PVP corporation".

    This is also when two important people in Corp joined us:

    Rin Vanchik, our first capital pilot and the person who would help us economically the most and be able to fill most roles in fleets.

    Akizu, who was also returning after a 10 year break and had about 23 mil Skillpoints when he joined us, he had most industry skills and allowed us to build whatever we wanted, giving us the option to use the ores we farmed instead of just selling them.

    To be continued in part 2

  • Chapter 3 - 2gthr into A New Home

    Already before we left Nullsec for the first time I got into contact with both representatives of LORDE and 2GTHR to apply to join one of their alliances but decided it would be best to first go to highsec and learn, experience what it means to be on our own and survive. To grow slowly, steadily. We didn't have anything, so there wasn't a lot of a choice. But, when this wormhole alliance got disbanded we again were sitting in Highsec. With nothing but an Orca and a few Procurers. I chose it was time to go back to Nullsec. We learned, we were ready I deemed. Was it the right choice? Only god knows, I for sure don't. Were we richer? Sure. We had a networth of maybe close to 10 billion. So, I decided to instead go with 2GTHR since they were the ones I was the furthest down into the application. It had no special reason. I didn't know ANYTHING about nullsec politics. I didn't know who they are, I didn't know who LORDE is.

    But I think, in an afterthought, it was the right choice.

    After two weeks of more mining ores, running level 4 missions and a certain Eingang Vulpine forgetting about our application, we were accepted, surprisingly. It is not like we had anything other than a failed lowsec roam to boast. So this meant: Back to nullsec we go, and this time hopefully to stay. It was not easy. We were still new and most people viewed us as "that newbro corp that can't do most things". A stigma that would at least for now stick. We did get everyone to fly Jackdaws though, which was a short skill time anyway. The first doctrine we could properly form ourselves. So we took part in PVP fleets, we got our first kills. Our killboard went from dark red to really, really green. We joined originally Nullsec unable to do anything and came back as grown individuals and a grown group. We would be later also joined by another highsec corp that merged with us. We would also build something else than an Orca. We would build a Dreadnought. Our first one, we were very proud. It was our first really big ship. We used it too, for ratting. We also dropped it once on hostiles killing a Drekavac.

    It was also not the easiest for us to stay in 2GTHR. They have requirements and I, an entirely unexperienced Corp leader, but experienced community leader, had to fulfill them. 2GTHR, as I later learned, does have higher standards than most alliances in null. Well, I learned that after we passed the first part of their trial phase.

    Chapter 4 - The high steed one sits on

    Rin would eventually leave us to return to Wormhole life. He did not really enjoy nullsec life. But only after our next Chapter was finished. On my birthday we joked about building a Titan. A freaking Titan, it seemed impossible. Rin bought a blueprint copy set for 3 billion ISK. We were miners before, but that was bigger. We still very much were poor compared to the Corps that owned Titans. LTRIG, that kicked us out, had a single Titan in their entire alliance. Building the Titan we wanted to build would take a lot.

    Building it right before the second wave of mineral changes came around didn't help a lot either. When we were finishing the Titan it had an estimated mineral value of 103 billion ISK. It didn't help either that we were essentially building the Titans with Procurers and Gilas. It was us against a herculean task, my dreams of grandeur versus the cold reality of our situation. So I made a Titan alt, started skilling towards a Titan, optimized the skilling. We would go on to save up, almost 80% of all our income went towards building the Titan. We farmed. I farmed. A lot.

    We thought very much about giving about. Often. A supercarrier was a possibility, too. It is cool and big, too.

    Giving up wasn't an option. Not in my head. What is a leader that folders at the first hard task? That is also the time when we had our first own PVP victory. We did beat a WH gang of 24 with just a few Jackdaws, a random chinese Raven, two interceptors, a Slasher and my leadership. It surely did help that I did not want to give up here either. We won.

    We also won the fight against reality. After two months of hard work we were done farming. After three months our Titan came out.

    Did I lose touch with reality? Maybe. Did I get on a high steed I shouldn't have gotten on? Maybe. Were we successful? God damn we were.

    But I also felt done. It was a herculean task. Everyone in leadership was done. Done with the game. Done with our goals. As mentioned before Rin left for Wormhole life to pursue his dream of being a peaceful miner in WHs. I took a break for about a month. I rebuilt our GMod community. But I remembered. We were successful in EVE. I had to choose if our Nullsec journey was done and we do become inactive or if I come back and continue where I left off. I did return. We continued.

    We weren't the same noob corp anymore. We had our first three Muninn pilots. We had our first members creating capital alts. I was very proud. We would be stronger than ever. We were flying basically every mainline doctrine asked for in coalition. I even filled the role of a Bridging Titan now and once was a Cyno pilot to follow a hostile group.

    You remember that I started with less than 7 million skillpoints? I now sit in total at over 60 million skillpoints. This is where we are now. We went from less than 2 billion and me having 450mil ISK in my wallet to even my networth being close to 150 bil ISK. We aren't mining anymore.

    I started to look down on new corps. I forgot where we came from. But sometimes, just sometimes, it is important to remember where you came from. What we have achieved over the course of half a year. We went from being poor miners in their Procurers and Covetors to being able to compete with other larger groups. Maybe that is the reason why I gave a Venture miner I once killed 50 million ISK. I felt bad. We shouldn't sit on a high steed, we shouldn't be arrogant. It is those groups that have big dreams. If they can follow them or not is not the matter, it is important that we remember that we came from that. We too once were proud of building a Porpoise.

    We, too, were newbs.

    Final comments
    This is the point where I want to thank all those who were extremly important to help us to be where we are now.

    Those people are:

    o Akizu

    o Rin Vanchik

    o Basil & Eingang Vulpine

    o Last Number

    o Princess Stareine

    o Nevosi Parvi

    o Andreas Ayers

    o lucasvinci1

    o Azherit

    o Jax Stripolli