Fi'Si's mod application

  • 1.0 What rank are you applying for?: Moderator

    1.1 Steam name: Monkey

    1.2 SteamID: STEAM_0:0:537867337

    1.3 RP Name: Fi'Si Ipalolo

    1.4 Your Age: 14 15 in march

    1.5 Your Firs name: Harry

    1.6 Are you in our steam group?: Yes
    1.7 Are you active in our discord and teamspeak?: Yes, in the past day i have spent 12 hours in either one working in or about the server

    2.0 Why are you applying?: i genuinely believe this server has originality but a lack of moderators in alternating time zones with time to spare beside work, i would like to assist in such by becoming a moderator to ensure less stress is on the shoulders of the hierarchy of the server or the new people on the server trying to enjoy themselves and learn the rules.

    2.1 Why should we accept exactly you?:i have a expansive vocabulary, over 1000+ Hours on gmod and the ability to speak up on my opinion for the better of the server and its opposing factions, i have proved my ability to moderate by the fact i have assisted in the servers developmental features such as saber spawns along side smokey, along with a expansive chat on moderation tools and things that are unjust and could be assisted on in the server.
    2.2 Name your strengths: my knowledge on ulx, bwhitelists among a list of altering admin formats and my ability to talk talk talk a expansive amount and genuinely discuss my thoughts in extravagant detail
    2.3 What are your weaknesses: my sometimes ignorant and angsty nature (flipping hormones man) and the fact i can talk a little too much from time to time.

    3.1 How do you react if somebody gets RDMed on the server?: i assess the situation and press either or the multiple participants in this rdm situation and i would see what the resulting situation would be, if it would be one would be toxic i would verbally warn the toxic specimen for being generally rude toward another player of the community for little to no reason and the other end of the sword would get genuinely warned for rdm no matter the circumstance

    3.2 How do you react if somebody reports he got RDMed?: i would ask him for details, who RDMed, there steam name and where they are currently, i would bring in witnesses and peers who where next to said person to ensure it isn't a false report and what not.

    3.3 A user is sitting on another users head refusing to get off, what do you do?: i would tell them with all do respect, i understand jokes are fun but this is classified as failrp and if you do not comply i will be forced to warn you and move you for such, if they do not comply i would bring them with the !bring [Name] command then warn them for failrp and refusal of such.

    3.4 A staff member is abusing his power by spawning himself weapons, what do you do?: another staff member or not, abusing power is a no go and if witnessed i will more than talk to a higher up member of power about what action of abuse he commited, time etc.

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