Dimlux's Application

  • 1.0 What rank are you applying for?: Admin - ?

    1.1 Steamname: skeletons.

    1.2 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:179925359

    1.3 RP Name: Dimlux.

    1.4 Your Age: 17.

    1.5 Your Firstname: Cameron.

    1.6 Are you in our steamgroup?: Yes.

    1.7 Are you active in our discord and teamspeak?: Yes.

    2.0 Why are you applying?: The reason I am applying is so I can support and help the server as much as possible by using my previous skills in Management, General Staff Member as well as being a Community Member to improve the server and solve issues that help the server. Furthermore I have knowledge of being a Staff Member so I know the "Ins" and "Outs" of being a "Staff Member". Finally, I can represent the Server in a Mature manner helping Community Members through In Game issues as well as Out of Game problems deeming my experiences throughout my life.

    2.1 Why should we accept exactly you?: I believe you should accept me because I am well mannered, and mature member of the Community hoping to Expand my help throughout and further through the Community. Linking back to the previous question, I am very easy to talk to by having a good sense of humour and professional as well as having a filter on my language to represent the server as a safe and "Toxic-Free" place for all players of all age and difference to enjoy.

    2.2 Name your strengths: I would state my strengths to be my ways to understand issues and problems easily while swiftly solving them to the best of my ability. Another strength I would state is my personality which is that I would say (as much as it sounds that I have a huge EGO) is that I am a very likeable person which can help anyone with issues regarding IG or IRL. I like working in teams since more knowledge can be given and passed around this way.

    2.3 What are your weaknesses: I would state my weaknesses to be my struggle to ask for help when needed as well as struggling / finding it hard to let go of something I am so committed to doing. (A difficult question hence the short answer).

    3.1 How do you react if somebody gets RDMed on the server?: If someone was to be "RDMed" I would first bring both players away from any other players before the situation would escalate (If it showed signs of it). I would then (if intentional) hand the offender a warning after explaining what RDM was and the rule he broke. If the Victim was to forgive the Offender I would let them off when a Verbal warning ensuring they understood the reason for the "Sit".

    3.2 How do you react if somebody reports he got RDMed?: If someone was to report RDM I would first bring the Reporter to an "Admin Sit Area" to explain their side of the story, once they have explained and I have a grasp of the situation I would then bring the Offender and explain why they have been brought. I would then ask the Offender to explain their side of the story and ensure they could clearly explain their side of the story with no interruptions. While listening I would be checking logs to find the "Deathmatch", if nothing was found in the logs regarding a killing of that player recently for the report created the player who created the report would be warned for "LTS" (Lying to Staff / Wasting Staff Time) or if evidence was found and provided from the Reporting Party a warn would be handed out depending on the severity of the situation.

    3.3 A user is sitting on another users head refusing to get off, what do you do?: I would ask 3 times for the player to get off the player's head as well as asking in chat if they had problems with audio / deaf. If they would refuse / not get off their head I would first use the command "!exit 'playername'" if the command if viable. If the player was to get back on I would then warn the player for Ignoring Staff. If the situation would escalate the User would be jailed for an appropriate time / removed from the server for an appropriate time.

    3.4 A staff member is abusing his power by spawning himself weapons, what do you do?: I would first get evidence of this by taking screenshots / recording evidence and would proceed to ask them to stop, if ignored I would then follow the chain of command and report to a higher rank than me so they can handle the situation with appropriate management with evidence provided.

    Note: I appreciate you for taking the time to read my Staff Application!

    - Skeletons.

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