A quick rundown of the Skilltree System

  • You might have noticed that already you were able to gain XP in the top level bar. This will soon be the main leveling bar in general.

    So, how will it work and what will you gain from it?:

    Each class will have its own Skilltree in which you can spend Skillpoints you get for each level up to improve your combat capabilities.

    By spending those you will be able to tank more, be quicker in movement or do more damage. Both Jedi and Sith will also unlock their

    forcepowers via this way. This will add a unique progression giving you the chance to make your own character

    being good at what you want yourself to be good. Maybe you want to be a Spy who is just too quick to be catched. Maybe you want to be

    a master of Forcepowers as an Assassin, maybe you want to be a master of stealth. Maybe as a Jedi Consular you want to be a master healer

    and help your group, maybe as a Trooper you want to have better weapons. Just alongside those larger skills you will also you will also be able

    to increase your base stats as, for example, HP and Armor.

    An example skilltree, which is WIP, can be seen below:

    Just a reminder: Those skilltrees are very much at the beginning of Development and the reason why they are not public yet.