Suspect Buyback

  • Suspect Buyback

    Suspect runs a buyback for: Loot, Salvage, Compressed Ores, Moon Ores

    1. Compressed Ores / Moon Ore Buyback

    Make a copy of the [Link] Buyback Spreadsheet [Link] and use it to calculate what you will be paid for your ores.

    Suspect buys any compressed ores or moon ores at any station in LORDE space. Your contract will be accepted within 48 hours.

    2. Loot / Salvage / PI

    Suspect Squadron buys back any Mission Loot at 75%, Salvage (and exploration loot) at 90% Jita Buy Price and PI at 90% Jita Buy Price.

    Use [Link] evepraisal [Link] to get your price. Click on the little cog wheel and set price percentage 75

    (or 90 in case of salvage/pi). Make a contract with the buy price listed there and the evepraisal link as description.

    Reminder: Suspect accepts your buyback in any LORDE system.

    If your Buyback has not been accepted within 48 hours make sure to contact either Akizu or Isabella Echerie via discord.

  • I-401

    Changed the title of the thread from “Ore Buyback Value” to “Suspect Buyback”.