Damian's Application for RSHA Standartenfuhrer

  • 1.0 - Your Steamname: SG | Damian.

    2.0 - Your Ingamename: Regionaldirektor Dieter Heyd.

    3.0 - Ingame Time: 1 Week, 4 Days, and 7 Hours.

    4.0 - Your Ingame Rank and Regiment: I am the Regionaldirektor of the Sicherheitsdienst at the rank of Untersturmfuhrer.

    5.0 - Could a member of the HC suggest you?: SS-Brigadefuhrer Heinz Axel (Smokey) , SS-Untersturmfuhrer des SD [Aquiring Regionaldirektor des SD] (Gunter Klaus), and NSDAP Gauleiter (Jimmada).

    6.0 - Write about yourself: I am a competent leader and I love history. I lead men in real life as a Major in the Patriot Battalion under 2nd Brigade of JROTC. I am an Airborne and Air Assault Candidate as well as being recommended to join ROTC in College to be commissioned as 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Military. I have been apart of this community for a long time and hope to serve it well as RSHA Standartenfuhrer.

    7.0 - Why should we accept especially you?: I am a Life Scout in the Boy Scouts of America and have been working very hard for what I have earned in life and continue to work my ass off for this community. I am great at rp and do have lots of historical knowledge as well as real life military training.

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