NRP UPDATE 3.0.0 "A Fresh Start" (Change Log 7/25/2019)


    If you have received a rank on NRP and it was not cleared with the SERVER OWNER himself it will not be honored. You must APPLY on forums and also have it accepted by the SERVER OWNER. Dani, Jimmada, and I do not count as being able to have the final approval, It must come from SMOKEY. I do not want to hear of ranks given out freely and not approved by hierarchy as well as jobs that are highly significant in actual history as they are too mingy. I am saying this now to forewarn you all. Ranks in-game WILL be CHANGED and JOBS will be ADDED AND REMOVED in this development phase. I will be personally fixing ULX along with Jimmada and Smokey. I do not care how high a rank in the community staff gave you a rank in game, if it was not given out by Smokey or by his permission, it WILL be removed. Final word, the following jobs will NOT be present on the server Hitler, Führerbegleitkommando, 3rd Infantry Division, 9th Panzer Division, SS Feldgendarmerie, XII. SS-Standarte, and Gestapo, however the MAID job will be changed. The following ranks will be wiped RSHA Standartenfuhrer, Generalleutnant, and Generalmajor, as they will be reassigned to new members. The player-models in the server for multiple divisions including the Sicherheitsdienst, 1st SS, and many other SS divisions will be changed to approved models.The following changes have been approved by Community Co-Founder Jimmada, Community Dep. Manager Damian, Server Owner Smokey, and NRP Head Administrator Nate, and are non-negotiable!

    Your Dedicated Community Manager,

    Damian Richard Heidingsfelder Jr.

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