Map update

  • I suggest the server map should be changed to berlin or any other germany city during the second world war.

    The current map it not fits the server because of a few problems:1. RSHA, Rsha was made to clear the aryan blood lines, kill the autistic people and jewish people, and there is no point for rsha to be in a invaded country. 2.Orpo, orpo is the official germany police and it would be imposibile to exist in invaded france.2 of the reasons i would suggest the map to change to berlin or any other german city.

    Thank you

  • -I am going to tell you this outright we are not changing to Berlin, so another map is quite a big possibility.

    -Ordnungspolizei aka Orpo would actually be in occupied territories as each occupied area was claimed for Germany and were used to enforce basic laws and conduct basic policing.

    -The Reich Main Security Office aka RSHA was not just to kill autists, jews, and create an aryan race, it was a parent agency for many departments that conducted policing and other external and internal security operations as well as some intelligence and record keeping. Please brush up on your historical knowledge but thanks for making suggestions.

  • Menno Coehoorn

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