Small FPS boost

  • If you're experiencing lag, you should follow the instructions in this thread. The end result will give you a boost of around 10-30 fps, but I don't guarantee miracles if you have a Potato PC.

    Put these commands into console in-game in the order that is here:

    gmod_mcore_Test 1       (ONLY DO IT IF YOU HAVE MORE THAN 1 CPU CORE)

    r_3dsky 0

    cl_show_splashes 0;r_cheapwaterstart 1;r_cheapwaterend 1;r_waterforceexpensive 0;r_WaterDrawReflection 0;mat_wateroverlaysize 4;r_ForceWaterLeaf 0;


    Some other useful commands to use:

    1. Right Click on Garry's Mod in The Steam Library.

    2. Select Properties from drop down list.

    3. Select Set Launch Options and Input the Following commands:

    -USEALLAVAILABLECORES (forces the game to use all of the cores you have available)

    -cores #(the number of physical cores you have).

    -theads #(the number of threads or logical cores you have).

    -high (this runs the game in high priority in your computers task manager automatically).

    -nojoy (if you DO NOT use a joystick, use this to disable joystick support allowing you to have some more video memory).

    -dxlevel #(its in a 2digit format so I will use the examples and show the commands below).

    DO NOT USE BELOW DirectX Level 8 or it will be buggy (basically DO NOT USE 70).

    -dxlevel 80

    -dxlevel 81

    -dxlevel 90

    -dxlevel 95

    -dxlevel 98

    DO NOT USE ABOVE DirectX Level 98 or it will be buggy (do not use 10,11,or 12).

    Picture Example for Reference

    To find out how many cores and threads your computer has just click CTRL+SHIFT+ESC

    and go over to Performance among the Tabs at the top and look for the CPU section where it says: Cores: # and the next line down and Logical Processors: # and that's where you get your number of cores (cores) and number of threads (logical processors).

    Here is a breakdown of the different DirectX Levels:

    DirectX 8.0

    DirectX 8-class graphics cards include the Nvidia GeForce4 Ti and most of the GeForce FX 5x00 series (while technically DirectX 9 cards, the latter suffer from major performance problems with the DX9 rendering path).

    • Refractions with the use of a du/dv map
    • Dynamic shadows
    • Directional lighting on world brushes using normal maps
    • Cube-mapped specular effects
    • Cube-mapped water
    • Low-quality reflective water (used sparingly)

    DirectX 8.1

    DirectX 8.1-class graphics cards include the Nvidia GeForce FX 5800 and 5900 and the ATI RADEON 8500/9100 and 9000/9200 cards.

    • Soft edge dynamic shadows

    DirectX 9 (Shader Model 2)

    DirectX 9-class graphics cards include the Nvidia GeForce 6600 and 6800 series and the ATI RADEON 9500/9600, 9700/9800, X300/X600 and X800 cards.

    • Refractions with the use of a bump-map
    • High-quality reflective water (used frequently)
    • Softer edge dynamic shadows
    • Normal-mapped lighting on models
    • Improved-quality specular effects
    • High dynamic range rendering
    • Phong shading

    DX9 Shader Model 3

    Referred to as "DirectX 9.0+" and "dxlevel 95".

    • Lightwarp support


    Referred to as "dxlevel 98".

    • GPU Particle Physics