[FUNDED] Menno's 9th Panzer Division Custom Job

  • Background information:

    The 9th Panzer division was originally the 4th Light Division formed in Vienna, and consisted of 33rd Panzer battalion, 102nd Motorised artillery and 2 other Cavalry divisions, and it has seen alot of action around the Eastern Front until 3rd January, 1940, when it was converted into 9th Panzer Division. At that point, it also had 9th Rifle Brigade and a few other regimental units.

    After being in battles in Netherlands and the Battle of France, it was sent to Vienna in July 1940, and at that point it consisted of one tank regiment, one artillery regiment and two panzergrenadier regiments. In 1941 it was used in the Balkan campaign, and later in Operation barbarossa.

    9th Panzer Division was sent to France in 1944 after suffering losses in the Eastern Front, including a few other regiments. The regiment was in Nimes, France until June 1944 and then it was moved to Rhone River. In France, it received 31 Panzer III's, 74 Panzer IV's, 20 assault guns and 15 Panzer V (Panther) tanks. It also received men and tanks from the 155th Reserve Panzer Division.

    In-game role and purpose:

    Since it is a single-rank custom job, I would have no Officer superiors. This would mean that I would mostly fall under the command of the 47th regimental officers, however, personally I would prefer independence from the 47th regiment so that I will be able to do what I think is right, especially that it will be the highest NCO rank. My role in-game would be to help planning and executing attacks on the Allies, patrol the city, guard the checkpoint(or any other indicated location), help train the 47th on operating armed vehicles, artillery guns and anti-tank weapons. I would also train them how to defend against and attack armoured vehicles or fortified locations without having armour assistance. I would also drive, command or shoot tanks during attacks. This job also offers me a few Passive-RP possibilities.

    I would also be able to supply the 47th with ammunition and provide fast and easy transport for 47th troops instead of focusing on fighting, unless ordered otherwise.


    Primary: MP40

    Secondary: Walther P38,

    Other: Stielhandgranate

    Playermodel: German Tanker NCO