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  • Kathrine Natinde

    Posted the thread Blops.
    Looking to do some blops work in vale, would be looking for stealth bombers forming in h-5.

    If you can fly a stealth bomber, any race is fine, and wish to join then let me know on discord, make sure to ping me so i don't miss it.

  • I-401

    Posted the thread Corporation Report February.

    Corporation Report #3

    Fortes fortuna adiuvat

    Fortune favors the brave

    As mentioned before we had nothing when we joined Nullsec. To this day I still remember when we were told we wouldn't survive as a corp.
    Since six months we have been in our new…
  • I-401

    Posted the thread PVP Achievements.
    Killmail Achievements
    Supers less Super
    Take part in the taking down of a Supercarrier.
    Medal: Hunter

    Attack on Titan
    Take part in killing a Titan.
    Medal: Attack on Titan

    Bounty Hunter
    Defeat a player on your own who's ship is at least…
  • I-401

    Posted the thread PVE Achievements.


    First steps in a large world
    Finish your first 10 complete ticks in any ship of your choice.
    For this hand in screenshots of your wallet with the ticks being shown.
    10.000.000,00 ISK

    A month's worth of work
    During one…
  • I-401

    What is this?:

    The Suspect Achievement system exists to encourage our players to take certain steps in the game and go beyond themselves and be properly rewarded for it. The Achievements are only the permanent ones. There will be situations when medals