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  • Isabella Echerie

    Our corporation has started out some mere three months ago as a small group of friends trying to enjoy the game together and since then we have come a long way.
    When I started this corporation I was still a highsec carebear, running level 4…
  • Isabella Echerie

    Posted the thread Ship Loan Program.
    Since ships in EVE tend to cost quite a large sum of ISK to purchase we decided to make ships available for borrowing.

    That means you will have the option to borrow one of the ships listed below by paying only 50% of the estimated value

    as well as a
  • Akizu

    Replied to the thread Ore Buyback Value.
    For moon ores you can use:

    Monazite 11.522 ISK
    Xenotime 10.586 ISK
    Loparite 8.875 ISK
    Ytterbite 6.082 ISK
    Carnotite 5.975 ISK
    Pollucite 5.126 ISK
    Zircon 3.664 ISK
    Cinnabar 3.636 ISK
    Sperrylite 3.697 ISK
  • Isabella Echerie

    Posted the thread Ore Buyback Value.
    Nullsec Ores Price per Compressed Ore
    Compressed Dark Ochre 109,698.00 ISK
    Compressed Gneiss
    173,748.00 ISK
    Compressed Spodumain
    424,103.00 ISK
    Compressed Jaspet
    51,845.00 ISK
    Compressed Bistot
  • Isabella Echerie


    Setting Up Mumble

    Your 2GTHR old services account needs to have been created and manually enabled in order for you to completely configure and test Mumble.
    1. Download a Mumble client and start it.
    2. Click Add New… to add a new Mumble server bookmark.