OCRP Patch 0.9.1 to 0.9.6 Changelog

This is a summary of all the changes that happened from the 25th of november to the 16th of december.

Listed by category:


+ Leveling System for Jobs
+ Veterancy for 47th Volksgrenadier-Division

+ Veterancy for 2nd Waffen-SS Division

+ Veterancy for the 3rd Infantry Division

+ Veterancy for the 1st Airborne Division

+ Veterancy for the 101st Airborne Division

+ an advanced damage system

+ ability to break someone's legs
   + bleeding system

+ Warfare System

+ 7 Capture Points distributed along strategically important places
+ Building System to build defenses easily

+ Rank Tag system for ingame ranks

New Jobs:
+ 3rd Infantry Recruit

+ 3rd Infantry Trainee

+ 3rd Infantry Private

+ 3rd Infantry Lance Corporal

+ 3rd Infantry Corporal

+ 3rd Infantry LMG

+ 3rd Infantry Sergeant

+ 3rd Infantry Staff Sergeant

+ 3rd Infantry Medic

+ 3rd Infantry 2nd Lieutenant

+ 3rd Infantry Lieutenant

+ 3rd Infantry Captain

+ 1st Airborne Trainee

+ 1st Airborne Private

+ 1st Airborne Lance Corporal

+ 1st Airborne Corporal

+ 1st Airborne LMG

+ 1st Airborne Sergeant

+ 1st Airborne Staff Sergeant

+ 1st Airborne Medic

+ 1st Airborne 2nd Lieutenant

+ 1st Airborne Lieutenant

+ 101st Airborne Trainee

+ 101st Airborne Private

+ 101st Airborne Private First Class

+ 101st Airborne Corporal

+ 101st Airborne LMG

+ 101st Airborne Sergeant

+ 101st Airborne Staff Sergeant

+ 101st Airborne Medic

+ 101st Airborne 2nd Lieutenant

+ Generalleutnant (Axis)

+ Standartenführer (SS)

New Vehicles:

+ Armed SdKfz 222