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  • I-401

    Posted the thread Trial Membership Guidelines.
    The Suspect Squadron Trial Membership

    Every new member of Suspect Squadron has to go through a three months trial period.
    During this period you are expected to integrate yourself and become partially self sufficient.
    Nullsec is not a place where we
  • I-401

    Chapter 3 - 2gthr into A New Home

    Already before we left Nullsec for the first time I got into contact with both representatives of LORDE and 2GTHR to apply to join one of their alliances but decided it would be best to first go to highsec and learn,
  • I-401

    This is not your average Corporation Report,

    this is me being beyond than simply happy about what we achieved in this first half a year,

    all together as a group, as friends.

    Chapter 1 - How it all began

    When we started our Corporation our Community
  • Nevosi

    Replied to the thread Ore Buyback Value.
    This is a link to a google Docs page for the ore buy back…x7yvRBYw/edit?usp=sharing
    Just put the amount of compressed ore and it will do the math for you. Moon Ores added PLEASE UPDATE your Copies MAKE SURE YOU JUST COPIE
  • Smokey

    Replied to the thread Accepted Fi'Si's mod application.

    you expressed how to deal with the situations well and your personal question we answered well also showing a major interest in helping our server even more
  • monkey

    Posted the thread Accepted Fi'Si's mod application.
    1.0 What rank are you applying for?: Moderator

    1.1 Steam name: Monkey
    1.2 SteamID: STEAM_0:0:537867337
    1.3 RP Name: Fi'Si Ipalolo
    1.4 Your Age: 14 15 in march
    1.5 Your Firs name: Harry
    1.6 Are you in our steam group?: Yes
    1.7 Are you active in our
  • That Kid

    Liked Smokey’s post in the thread Accepted Dimlux's Application.
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    Great application
    message me in game when your next on for your rank
    welcome to the team