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    With today's update each class received their very own skill tree.

    This includes a skill tree for Troopers, Agents, Assassins, Warriors, Juggernauts,

    Vanguards, Sentinels, Consulars and fighting forms.

    Alongside this the Stamina System has been added to make Lightsaber Combat more engagable

    and less of a spam-fest.

    You might have noticed that already you were able to gain XP in the top level bar. This will soon be the main leveling bar in general.

    So, how will it work and what will you gain from it?:

    Each class will have its own Skilltree in which you can spend Skillpoints you get for each level up to improve your combat capabilities.

    By spending those you will be able to tank more, be quicker in movement or do more damage. Both Jedi and Sith will also unlock their

    forcepowers via this way. This will add a unique progression giving you the chance to make your own character

    being good at what you want yourself to be good. Maybe you want to be a Spy who is just too quick to be catched. Maybe you want to be

    a master of Forcepowers as an Assassin, maybe you want to be a master of stealth. Maybe as a Jedi Consular you want to be a master healer

    and help your group, maybe as a Trooper you want to have better weapons. Just alongside those larger skills you will also you will also be able

    to increase your base stats as, for example, HP and Armor.

    An example skilltree, which is WIP, can be seen below:

    Just a reminder: Those skilltrees are very much at the beginning of Development and the reason why they are not public yet.

    If you want to donate for the server click in the menu bar at the top on DONATIONSTORE.

    This thread is supposed to give a simple overview on what you can expect from each package

    on the Donation Store!

    VIP Ranks
    Unlocked Jobs / Characters
    Credit Rewards
    Special Reward
    Price Tag
    Jedi Youngling
    Sith Initiate
    20.000 Credits 5€
    Silver VIP
    Jedi Youngling
    Sith Initiate

    Imperial Combat Droid
    Republic Combat Droid

    50.000 Credits
    +1 Character Slot
    Gold VIP
    Jedi Youngling
    Sith Initiate

    Imperial Combat Droid
    Republic Combat Droid
    110.000 Credits +2 Character Slots
    Ultimate VIP
    Jedi Youngling
    Sith Initiate

    Imperial Combat Droid
    Republic Combat Droid

    Bounty Hunter
    200.000 Credits
    +4 Character Slots
    + Pac 3 Access


    The Sith Empire

    The Sith Empire is an authoritarian State

    ruled by the Sith and the Sith Emperor

    Imperial Law:

    Imperial Ranks
    Imperial Army Imperial Intelligence
    Sith Order
    Supreme Ruler
    Sith Emperor
    Captain Keeper Sith Lord

    NCOs Sergeant Major
    Cypher Sith Apprentice
    Sergeant Agent
    Enlisted Men
    Lance Corporal

    The Republic

    The Republic is a democratic state consisting of multiple

    worlds being represented in the Republic Senate.

    Republic law

    Enforcement of law:

    Every civilian of the Republic who asks for it may be given a trial. On severe crimes there must be action taken

    to protect other lawful citizens from harm in which case violence may be a necessary evil.

    Ownership of weapons:

    Concealed carrying of weapons is permitted. Citizens may be armed with melee weapons or light firearms.

    Not permitted are: Fully automatic weapons, sniper rifles, explosives
    Stance on slavery:

    Slavery is not allowed within the territory of the Republic. Slaves may neither be transported across Republic

    territory or sold in Republic territory.

    Illegal substances:

    Alcoholic baverages are permitted but illegal are substances such as deathsticks and physically or mentally enhancing drugs.


    Planets within the Republic may self govern but are still under Republic Law. They may create their own laws but those

    can be overruled by Republic laws if deemed unlawful by the Senate or the Chancellor.

    Republic Ranks Republic Army

    Republic Special Forces

    Jedi Order

    Jedi Grandmaster
    Co Ranks
    Jedi Master
    Lieutenant Jedi Knight
    NCO Ranks
    Sergeant Major Sergeant Major
    Jedi Padawan

    Sergeant Operator
    Enlisted Men
    Lance Corporal

    Welcome to The Old Republic RP!

    Since this server does quite differ from a Jedi VS Sith server

    I created this long text to explain the basics.

    Please take a read to understand more about the Server.

    The basic premise

    The Old Republic RP is supposed to be different from normal Jedi vs Sith RP or other Star Wars RP Servers. This is achieved by giving the players more freedom and making it not only focused on combat between Jedis and Siths. Jedis are supposed to be rare so are Sith, but when they are there they are supposed to be strong. This is achieved by giving anyone access to Jedis and Siths but making the actual process of becoming a Jedi or a Sith a challenge rather than a nuisance. Only the best may become that role and only if you know what you are doing.

    The Galactic Conquest

    The Old Republic is about a Galactic War and we implement that best we can. Currently both sides are technically at peace, still small incursions can happen. You as the player are able to travel from planet to planet using the Taxi System and your own personal ship. You are able to use faction unique vehicles with guns to also support your allies from the skies. Every planet has a capture point which can be controlled by either side. While an attack has to be announced you may attack any hostile planet you want but have to make sure you don't stretch your own forces thin to a point that you can't hold your planets anymore.

    Civilian Life

    The Galaxy is not only inhabited by the Empire and the Republic waging war against each other. There is normal civilians living a normal life. Bank clerks, Miners, Cantina Owners, Lawyers, Mercenaries, Bounty Hunters, Taxi Drivers. Do what you want and earn your living just living within the galaxy that a war is taking place in. You can work for either side and be a citizen for either side. Maybe you and your friends don't want to live under the Empire or the Republic and declare your indendence? Your choice!

    The Sith Empire

    The Sith Empire is ruled by the Sith Emperor and consists of the Imperial Army, Imperial Intelligence and the Sith Order. The Army and the Intelligence are working to further the goals of the Empire as does the Sith Order but the Sith Order may or may not be plagued by internal strife as to become a Darth a Lord has to kill his master.

    The Republic

    The Republic is allied to the Jedi Order, which technically is not a part of the Republic but keepers of peace. While the Jedi may be keepers of peace the Republic is still a state and a state needs troops. That is why the Republic Army exists. The fighting force of the Republic displaying their prowess across the Galaxy, especially with the Republic Special Forces who are even able to take on Sith Lords.

    How do I become a Jedi / Sith?

    First of: No, they are not paid. There are regular tryouts hosted by Darths and Jedi Masters in which you can take part to become a Sith Acolyte or Jedi Initiate. You will need to fulfil a number of tasks to actually be uplifted into the ranks of the respective Order and also behave accordingly. Also don't be shy to just ask in /ooc. Just realize that you might not become your wished role on the first try!


    Our corporation has started out some mere three months ago as a small group of friends trying to enjoy the game together and since then we have come a long way.

    When I started this corporation I was still a highsec carebear, running level 4 missions, and I think this was the same for many of the more

    experienced players who joined us. Since then we have established ourselves in Nullsec and managed to come to a point where we are able

    to not only reap the benefits but also contribute to the Nullsec Alliance we joined in a meaningful way.

    Now, with more organization also comes the time when there is a need for info to be made publicly available what this is.

    This report is refering and based on the Leadership Meeting which occured 8/27/2020

    What are our goals?

    Many points have been mentioned during the previous meeting but none of those points stand out as the fact

    that we need a proper subcap fleet to be able to defend ourselves and also more properly engage in combat.

    What does that mean?

    o having everyone be ready to skill into our bread-and-butter doctrine ship, the jackdaw

    o filling the dedicated roles of this doctrine as in Storks, Scalpels, Interceptors, Assault Frigate Pilots

    o building a small bomber fleet of 3-6 bomber pilots

    Another point: Industry

    Another important point was that our industry has to be fueled by ressources which need to be mined.

    We came to the conclusion that the most efficient way for that was a balance between Highsec and

    Nullsec Miners to get all the ressources that we will potentially need to build the ships and items

    we will need to fund us ourselves.

    That means that we need more dedicated Highsec Miners as well as more dedicated Nullsec Miners.

    We came to the conclusion that the best for that would be to have most "newbro miners"

    (having only 1 barge, maybe an alt with another barge) mine in Nullsec along side our Rorqual miners

    to enjoy the massive boost that these are giving while in Highsec only more dedicated miners with a

    Hulk and Orca combo should mine as those are the ones that are able to actually make a decent profit

    out of it.

    We also realized that in the long run the Skill "Capital Ship Production 5" will be needed which (sadly)

    is not the most attractive skill for which I thank Baldwin Ellecon for being ready to skill it anyway.

    Final Comment

    All this made up what we wanted to achieve during this month of september.

    As you might have guessed from the date of this post we are only half way through,

    making this a mid-month report.

    What did we actually achieve so far

    Surprisingly we have been able to come close with a lot of the goals listed above but sadly we also

    lost sight of some things as well. Now: What did we achieve?

    Subcap Fleets:

    We have been able to get a more than decent amount of Jackdaw Pilots making this one of our least

    worries. Also we have been able to get three (3) Players willing to act as Stealth Bomber Pilots

    if need be. So far we still do not have a pilot able to fly a Link (Storck / Bifrost) though which

    sadly is a major hinderence as those ships act as Force Multiplier.


    While we have been able to IMMENSLY increase our mining capabilties in nullsec our Highsec Mining

    capabilities have almost died down. Luckily we have some very dedicated miners in Highsec which we

    have hired to work for us outside of corporation which still seed us with a more than decent amount of


    Meanwhile in nullsec we have seen a massive increase in the usage of Rorquals and Exhumers, showing

    that our miners have increased in quality and not only quantity.


    All this shows that what has been discussed in the meeting has already been set in motion and that we are progressing at a rapid speed, having changed from

    the small group of friends to a proper working (rather) large group of active pilots having not only the money but also the teeth to act on our own.

    Now, the only important thing is, to never slow down and keep on improving, as only that will keep us alive in the long run.

    Since ships in EVE tend to cost quite a large sum of ISK to purchase we decided to make ships available for borrowing.

    That means you will have the option to borrow one of the ships listed below by paying only 50% of the estimated value

    as well as a fixed value for the amount of time you borrow the ship.

    Once you hand the ship back (best case in one piece) you will receive half of what you paid back.

    Any ship borrowed may not be transferred to another character.

    How does ship borrowing work?

    1.) Choose a ship you are interested in borrowing from the list below

    2.) Message Isabella Echerie with the Ship You want to borrow and the duration you want to borrow it for.

    3.) Enjoy the ship you just received

    All ships that are stated as fully fit are fully fit.

    The fitting will be linked to you first to check you can use it,

    if parts can't be used can exchange them for T1 Modules.

    Ship Class: Pacifier
    SSPCT Brave Explorer

    50% Value: 45.000.000 ISK (45mil)
    7 Days Lease: 4.500.000 ISK (4.5mil)
    14 Days Lease: 8.000.000 ISK (8mil)
    30 Days Lease: 15.500.000 ISK (15.5mil)
    Currently leased to: Available
    Ship Class: Stratios
    SSPCT Resolute

    50% Value: 90.000.000 ISK (90mil)
    7 Days Lease: 9.000.000 ISK (9mil)
    14 Days Lease: 17.500.000 ISK (17.5mil)
    30 Days Lease: 34.000.000 ISK (34mil)
    Currently leased to: Available

    What if my borrowed ship explodes?

    If the ship you borrowed explodes you will be asked to pay the other 50% of the estimated value back as well.

    For that we can make a very generous time window of a month or even more, so don't worry too much, we will work something out ;)

    Nullsec Ores Price per Compressed Ore (ISK)
    Compressed Pyroxeres 2 967.00
    Compressed Crokite 935 160.48
    Compressed Omber 3 789.50
    Compressed Bistot 276 905.52
    Compressed Arkonor 161 849.52
    Compressed Kernite 10 198.98
    Compressed Mercoxit (waiting for price to stabilise)

    A online calculator to calculate what you made:

    Google Calculator

    Highsec Ores

    For Highsec Ores use this website as usual:

    Set the Price Percentage to 90% and copy the buyprice!

    Setting Up Mumble

    Your 2GTHR old services account needs to have been created and manually enabled in order for you to completely configure and test Mumble.

    1. Download a Mumble client and start it.
    2. Click Add New… to add a new Mumble server bookmark.
    3. Fill in the following details:
      • Server: (may be “Address”)
      • Port: 64738.
      • Username: Your 2GTHR forum account username. That’s the one you used to create your 2GTHR account, e.g., [BLUEP] Eingang Vulpine if you followed our 2GTHR services account creation instructions earlier. It must be identical, including spaces and uppercase/lowercase letters.
      • Label: 2GTHR Mumble or something similar. This is what will appear in the bookmarks list.
    4. Click OK to save your bookmark.
    5. In the list, select the bookmark you just saved and click Connect.
      • If you’ve given a valid username, you’ll be told there’s a certificate or password problem and given a box to type something in. That’s where your password goes.
      • Password: Your 2GTHR forum account password. That’s also the one you used to create your 2GTHR account.
    6. Click OK to submit your password.
      • If all’s gone well, you should be connected and your name should appear with your correct corp tag and all spaces. If you have to type a username without spaces to connect, you’re connecting as a guest because you’ve got the wrong username.

    This guide will give our new members an idea how they can go on from there current position.

    This is just an idea, you have to do none of this!

    Remember that while Step 1 can be quickly done within maybe just 2 or 3 hours step 2 will take up to multiple weeks!

    1. The very beginning
    When you first start your journey the game starts with a tutorial which will go you through the basics of movement

    and combat. After that the game will entice you to complete your carreer agents. This is the first thing you should do:

    Complete all your carreer agents!

    It will give you: A decent amount of ISK, a basic run down of the activities in EVE Online and provide you with a bunch of ships you can use.

    2. Your time in Highsec

    After you have completed your carreer agents it is time to head over to Grinacanne. This is where our highsec base is and where you can use our Highsec Oremarket.

    Also you have a lot of Mission Agents available, from Level 1 to Level 4 in close proximity. The next markethub would be Dodixie just 3 Jumps away.

    Jita as well is a mere 11 jumps distance. In Highsec you should take your time to decide what future activity you want to follow and train up to one of our suggested fittings.

    So, use your time to try out whatever you want and work together with other members of the corp to learn and grow!

    A few goals for your time in Grinacanne should be:

    - Reaching at least 50mil ISK

    - Being able to fly one of the suggested fittings and knowing how to use them

    - Finding a profession you enjoy to do

    - Trying things out without worry and just seeing what the game offers you

    3. Nullsec awaits, too

    Now you are here, you have done a lot of missions, scanned down sites and you are able to decently fly a cruiser, a mining barge or found out what exploration means.

    Now it is time to play with the big boys and come to nullsec. When you come to nullsec you have to make sure of a few things:

    - to join the channels listed in the corp chat MOTD

    - to ask a corp member on how to move to Nullsec

    - have a saving of 50-100mil ISK at least

    - being able to act independently and take risks successfully at best

    - set up your overview according to the guide

    - joined all the required websites

    So, you have those out of the way and know you can survive here. What now?

    We have a dedicated mining system, set in H-29TM

    as well as a dedicated ratting system in R-AYGT.
    Most important now is to speak to other members:

    Talk with them, they may take you on ratting sessions, take part in mining fleets,

    fly in PVP fleets, be not afraid! Everybody starts somewhere and no one starts perfect!

    PVP in EVE requires to have a good understanding of the situation you are in and the ability to have needed information available quickly.

    This is also a tool to survive Nullsec PVE as it can help differentiate hostile from friendly.

    Below is an overview linked that has been approved by Corporation leadership and how to set it up!

    SaraShawa Overviewpack

    1. Join the Channel "SaraShawa-Overview", which is linked in the Corp MOTD

    2. Download the Packs Pt 1 to Pt 4 in the order 1 to 4

    3. Open the Overview settings window by clicking on the stripe symbol in the top left.

    4. Under "States" select which players may be shown, my suggestion:

    Set all to "Show by default" to make sure you don't get nasty surprises.

    Every member of Suspect Squadron is obligated to join the following:

    1) English Auth 2) WinterCo Discord 3) Winterco Mumble 4) 2GTHR Discord (Blades of grass) 5) 2GTHR Forums

    Step 1 you need to connect to and make sure you put the correct main AND all the alts in the alliance

    Step 2 Once you have finished Step 1 do


    then press

    which should connect you to to the winterco Discord.

    Step 3 Back to services on english auth and press and remember the password and username, then press

    Step 4 Log into the 2GTHR SeAT at using your main pilot. Find the “Connector” menu item on the left-hand side of SeAT and then the “Identities” submenu item. At the bottom of the Discord block in the main area, click “Join Server” link. Using your EvE-related Discord account (OR create one using the “Register” button), sign into Discord. Agree to authorize the requested permissions. (copy and pasted from forums)

    Step 5 Create an account on the 2GTHR forums via this link:

    Use your character's name as username. Alliance ticker is 2GTHR

    If any questions arise please contact Isabella Echerie via Discord! ;)

    This guide explains 3 ways to move to nullsec:

    1) Switch your Home station via the Corporation Menu --> Home --> Details

    to our Office in OP7-BP and self-destruct your capsule to respawn there.

    (click on the image to open it in fullscreen)

    2) You can make your way to OP7-BP in an Interceptor built for Traveling (aka less than 2 second align time).

    Make sure to use either the Malediction, Crow, Ares or Stiletto.


    Grinacanne --> LXQ2-T

    LXQ2-T Ansiblex to RQOO-U (it is a building)

    RQOO-U --> GQ-7SP

    GQ-7SP Ansiblex to B1UE-J

    B1UE-J --> 7-YHRX

    7-YHRX Ansiblex to QCGG-Q

    QCGG-Q --> OP7-BP

    3) Make your way in a cheap frigate built for speed and align time.

    This is more risky but if neither of the two option above works for you you can try this one.


    In Grinacanne you have to fly to the Raitaru "Spaceballs Paradise" to compress them

    How to sell ores to the corporation

    Step 1: Mark the items you want to sell in your inventory and press Ctrl + C to copy them

    Step 2: Paste them into the text field on this website: . Use Jita as the trading hub and set the value to 90%.

    Step 3: Message Rin Vanchik (Rinn#0601) on discord with what you want to sell and for how much (BUY VALUE on the website).

    Step 4: If you get the ok create a contract with the ores to Isabella Echerie ingame for the BUY VALUE

    Step 5: Enjoy your newly earned ISK.

    As a reminder, you made more than what you would normally make, as you skipped all transaction fees from the market.

    How to buy from the internal market

    Step 1: Request the "Industrial" Role from I-401#1753 in Discord. Now you can view the corporation item hangars.

    Step 2: Message I-401#1753 in Discord about how many ores you want to purchase. He will message you back with a price for it.

    Step 3: You will be contracted ingame by Isabella Echerie for the ores you want to purchase. This price will be slightly below Buy price in Jita, where you also skip all trading fees.

    Step 4: Receive your ores in our Corporation HQ in Grinacanne (Highsec) or H-29TM / R-AYGT (Nullsec).

    This document exists as a checklist for all our new players to see if they are actually ready to go to nullsec.

    We suggest that you shouldn't go there unless you can fly any of the listed ships below with the skills attached to it.

    This article is split between different professions you can follow in nullsec, from mining to ratting (the equivalent of mission running nullsec).

    All fits named here can be found in the fitting menu under: Browser --> Hulls --> Filter: Corporation Fittings

    1st - Ratting

    Starter Ratting cruiser - Vexor

    [Vexor, T1 Ratting Vexor]
    Suggested skills:
    Acceleration Control 3
    Fuel Conservation 3
    Afterburner 4
    Evasive Maneuvering 3
    Navigation 4

    Capacitor Management 4
    Capacitor Systems Operations 4

    Drones 5
    Medium Drones 4
    Light Drones 4
    Heavy Drones 3
    Drone Avionics 3
    Drone Sharpshooting 3
    Drone Durability 3
    Drone Navigation 3
    Drones Interfacing 3

    Hull Upgrades 5
    Mechanics 4
    Explosive Armor Compensation 3
    Kinetic Armor Compensation 3

    Long Range Targeting 3
    The Vexor is considered a good starting Ratting ship.
    Her biggest disadvantage is that she has a lower targeting
    range compared to the Arbitrator
    making it easier for her to get hit by hostile ships.
    Compared to the Arbitrator she can though carry
    3 Heavy Drones compared to the Arbitrator's 2 meaning
    you do slightly more DPS which results in you being
    able to run ratting sites faster.

    Price in RF-X7V with full fitting: ~25mil ISK

    Sites to run: Herd or smaller
    Starter Ratting Cruiser Arbitrator

    [Arbitrator, T1 Ratting Arbitrator]
    Suggested skills:
    Acceleration Control 3
    Fuel Conservation 3
    Afterburner 4
    Evasive Maneuvering 3
    Navigation 4

    Capacitor Management 4
    Capacitor Systems Operations 4

    Drones 5
    Medium Drones 4
    Light Drones 4
    Heavy Drones 3
    Drone Avionics 3
    Drone Sharpshooting 3
    Drone Durability 3
    Drone Navigation 3
    Drones Interfacing 3

    Hull Upgrades 5
    Mechanics 4
    Explosive Armor Compensation 3
    Kinetic Armor Compensation 3

    Long Range Targeting 3
    The Arbitrator compared to the Vexor has a higher
    targeting range by default and therefor is easier to
    fly as it is more unlikely that any target will even hit you.
    Since the next step up would really only be the Armageddon,
    which is a battleship costing a whopping 200mil+ it is suggested
    to, if you want to fly this ship, still focus on Gallente, too. You also have to consider that it does slightly less DPS than the Vexor as it can carry less drones in total.

    Price in RF-X7V with full fitting: ~20mil ISK

    Sites to run: Herd, Squads
    T1 Advanced Ratting Myrmidon

    [Myrmidon, T1 Ratting Myrmidon]
    Suggested skills:
    Acceleration Control 3
    Fuel Conservation 3
    Afterburner 4
    Evasive Maneuvering 3
    Navigation 4

    Capacitor Management 5
    Capacitor Systems Operations 5

    Drones 5
    Medium Drones 4
    Light Drones 4
    Heavy Drones 3
    Drone Avionics 3
    Drone Sharpshooting 3
    Drone Durability 3
    Drone Navigation 3
    Drones Interfacing 3

    Hull Upgrades 5
    Mechanics 4
    Explosive Armor Compensation 3
    Kinetic Armor Compensation 3

    Long Range Targeting 3
    The Myrmidon has multiple fits available in the Corporation Fitting list. You have the choice to choose between the (1) T1 Dual Repper version or the (2) ARMOR version. (1) The T1 Dual Repper Version is relying on it's ability to counter repair the damage that it receives while being capstable. (2) The ARMOR version uses speed and armor repair to tank and especially evade damage by staying it range which makes it more similar to the Arbitrator.

    Sites to run: Herds, Squads, (potentially) Hordes (in the ARMOR variant)

    Price in OP7-BP: 109mil ISK
    Ratting Gila
    [Gila, Ratting Gila]
    Suggested skills:
    Acceleration Control 3
    Fuel Conservation 3
    Afterburner 4
    Evasive Maneuvering 3
    Navigation 4

    Capacitor Management 5
    Capacitor Systems Operations 5

    Drones 5
    Medium Drones 4
    Light Drones 4
    Heavy Drones 3
    Drone Avionics 3
    Drone Sharpshooting 3
    Drone Durability 3
    Drone Navigation 3
    Drones Interfacing 3

    Hull Upgrades 5
    Mechanics 4
    Explosive Armor Compensation 3
    Kinetic Armor Compensation 3

    Long Range Targeting 3
    Ratting Ishtar
    [Ishtar, Ratting Ishtar]
    Suggested skills:
    Acceleration Control 3
    Fuel Conservation 3
    Afterburner 4
    Evasive Maneuvering 3
    Navigation 4

    Capacitor Management 5
    Capacitor Systems Operations 5

    Drones 5
    Medium Drones 4
    Light Drones 4
    Heavy Drones 3
    Drone Avionics 3
    Drone Sharpshooting 3
    Drone Durability 3
    Drone Navigation 3
    Drones Interfacing 3

    Hull Upgrades 5
    Mechanics 4
    Explosive Armor Compensation 3
    Kinetic Armor Compensation 3

    Long Range Targeting 3

    2nd Mining

    Starting Mining Ship - Venture

    The Venture is the most basic mining vessel a
    player receives during the carreer missions.
    Although it is free it shouldn't be underestimated
    as it is for what it is a very efficient miner
    can help you make your first few dozen million ISK.

    Ore Capacity: 5.000m³
    Price: ~2mil ISK
    Mining Barge - Procurer

    The Procurer is the Mining Barge with the most tank.
    It also has a lot higher skill requirements than
    the Venture. Thanks to the bigger amount of tank it
    is able to normally not get ganked, as it survives as
    much as a battlecruiser.

    Ore Capacity: 12.000m³
    Price: ~40mil ISK

    3rd Exploration

    Starter Ship - Heron

    The Heron is the most basic exploration ship in the game.
    While many others could also be used the Heron allows for an extra mid
    slot giving it the possibility to fit an ECM scrammer, giving you the possibility
    to make a hostile lose target on you & getting away.
    The Heron is also a really cheap ship making it a nobrainer to lose it so the thrill
    of exploration is not mitigated by the risk of losing millions of ISK.

    Price: ~1mil ISK
    Advanced Ship - Astero

    4th Salvaging

    Below are fleet designs commonly used by FCs.

    This is a composition of ships for fleets. The actual designs are found ingame under the same name as listed here.

    Small Gang V1

    T2 Frigate Tackler, Ships:

    Enyo Tackler

    Vengeance Tackler

    T1 Frigate Tackler, Ships:

    Atron 47s

    Atron 74s

    T1 Cruisers , Ships:

    Rupture T1

    Rupture T2

    Thorax T1

    Thorax T2
    T1 Battlecruisers:

    Brutix T1

    Brutix T2

    Hurricane T1

    Hurricane T2

    Bait Ships:

    Vexor Vampire

    Thorax Bait

    Logistics ships:

    Logistics Exqueror

    In EVE Online there are many abbreviations used to describe certain situations, items or people.

    Here you will find the most important ones which we will use.

    General Abbreviations

    o7 - Stands for saluting another player. Used as a greeting emote

    o/ - waving

    \o - waving back

    0.0 or Nullsec - Systems with a security level of 0.0 or lower. It is either owned by players or some regions are owned by NPC Factions


    FC - Fleet Commander

    Standing Fleet - Defensive fleet used to help anyone who is being attacked by hostiles.

    Free Burn - Burn to a destination

    WC - Wing Commander

    GC - Gang Command. A rather lose definition of anyone who is allowed to lead a small gang

    Bait - Normally used to define that a player is acting as an easy target to bait the enemy. Normaly in combination with huge passive EHP

    Buffer Tank - using lots of hit points as a way of tanking

    Active Tank - using HP per second as a means of second, e.g. by repairing.

    Bubble - a spherical warp disruption field placed by interdictors or heavy interdiction cruisers.

    Tackler - a ship built around using warp scramblers and stasis webifiers to slow the enemy and keep him from warping.

    DD - Damage dealer ship, focused on dealing massive damage

    Logi - Logistic ship, focused on keeping the other ships intact.

    EWar - Electronic Warfare, usage of modules as sensor dampeners, ECM bursts or Target Painters to support the fight without dealing damage.


    AF - Assault Frigate

    Frig - Frigate

    DD - Destroyer

    T3D - Tier 3 Destroyer, simply called Tactical Destroyer ingame.

    CL - abbreviation for cruisers

    BC - Battle Cruiser

    BB - Battleship

    CV - Carrier

    CAP - Capital Ship, normally used for Dreadnought

    TItan - Simply stands for Titan

    The Jedi Order

    The Jedi code

    There is no emotion, there is peace.

    There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.

    There is no passion, there is serenity.

    There is no chaos, there is harmony.

    There is no death, there is the Force.


    General Rules   

    • Do not minge as a Jedi
    • Don’t abuse your force powers.
    • Don’t ignite your lightsaber outside of training/when in combat.
    • Do not be aggressive towards anyone, not even your foe.
    • Do not threaten anyone.
    • Jedi are negotiators for everyone, when someone is captured, one of the Jedi will be sent to negotiate and try to get the hostage back (or anything for that matter).
    • Knight Trials are done every wednesday, exception can be made
    • You can’t be punished by something that isn’t prohibited by the rules

    Rules regards Clones/MB/Ship

    • Do not attack the droids without permission from Master+ or Battalion, if you are the highest on and Knight or below, ask Battalion for permission to engage them.
    • Silver rule applies both ways; Do not engage enemies when they are under Clone’s gunfire.
    • Bronze rule applies for Jedi as well; do not pick up or use guns or any other weapon except a lightsaber.
    • To host a SIM in SIM area in the Main Base/Venator you need permission from Battalion and be at least Knight+.
    • Do not order clones around!
    • Every other rule that applies for clones, applies for Jedi as well.
    • Don't use force powers on MB or the Ship

    Rules regarding Younglings/Generals

    • Only Knight+ can train the younglings
    • All Younglings have to wait where they are spawned until a Knight+ trains them.
    • You should bow to all Jedi regardless of their rank bind it with:   

    bind “key” "_DarkRP_DoAnimation 1612"   

    Combat Rules

    • Most important rule - Always try to negotiate first, exception is with a droid
    • If someone steals a holocron, getting it back is your main priority. You should get the holocron back at any cost as it’s the most valuable item in the whole Jedi Order.
      • If negotiations fail, you may engage, with permission from Master+, killing them is the last resort.

    Dueling Rules

    • No random duels, both parties must be aware and accept the fact they are dueling.
    • Only duel in the Jedi training room, if you duel anywhere else, you’ll get punished.
    • You must use your Dueling Saber.
    • You may only use Force Leap and Saber Throw.
    • Duelers must bow before beginning and after finishing the duel.
    • Jedi duels are until the death unless stated otherwise.
    • There are no winners or losers in the training duels, however there can be winners or losers in tournaments.       
    • The duel begins when both Jedi bow and ignite their sabers.
    • Never duel in the middle of the dueling room, as there are most of the spawnpoints for Jedi.
    • Always stand at each end of the room when beginning the duel and bow.
    • Don’t just attack people in the Dueling room, if you do, you will be AOS.
    • You are allowed to change stances during a duel

    Jedi Temple Rules

    Flying Rules

    Lightsaber regulations

    • You may use any saber, color except red.
    • Lightsabers must be: 2 Wide, 44 Long default
    • All specializations receive a kyber crystal based on their main priority within the order:
          • Consulars - negotiation
          • Guardians - fighting
    • Do not have your saber ignited unless in combat or training.

    Jedi Ranks        

    Bowing Rules

    • Bow to all Jedi regardless of their rank.
    • Bow to Fleet
    • Bow to all clones that are above you
    • Knights must bow to CO+
    • Bow before and after dueling.
    • Bow when coming to debrief / briefing.

    Bind your bow with: bind “key” "_DarkRP_DoAnimation 1612”