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    All Hierarchy staff was demoted due to minging and genuine toxicity. Without the old staff team the server has been improving. However i do not have any bad memories exactly about you so I will happily give you a second chance. HOWEVER, Before you acctually get your rank we want to have a formal interview with you on the TS. Here is the new link:

    I accept to see you soon (within the week) or I will deny this app.

    Green highlight means this change/addon has been confirmed to happen

    Red means it has not been confirmed

    A few extra features for the server were decided in order for the server to grow back into what it was or what it could be. For example, this could include the following features:
    -Concentration Camp replaces the 2nd military base outside of the city. This would come along with several extra roles including the Jewish inmate rank, Nazi guards (1st S.S), and V.I.P ranks of high ranking concentration camp leaders. There would be perma props involved too which would involve: a) tents, B) a canteen area for food, C) several other realistic concentration camp style items.

    -The bank will have a heist feature add on as it makes the game a lot more fun and enjoyable for resistance and mafia to just kill some time with. This feature is used on almost all city-style servers and seems to prove rather successful

    -Donator ranks will be replaced with fancier style ranks such as Silver. Gold, Ruby and Emerald V.I.P. The types of gems named will be the corresponding order of the donator ranks, from smallest to highest.

    Feel free to comment you're thoughts below and have a nice evening:)