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    Okay, I can't influence what happens on the other server, but I would never want you to have any rank in this community. You abused rights, you somehow had ranks which you never obtained and abused them on Teamspeak...Furthermore you needlessly insulted the whole TTT-Team. Therefore I would say a strict NO, if I could influence this.

    You are TTT and you are replying on an NRP job application that just dosn't make sence. Do you even know how he is as an RPer on the nrp server since you dont play there.

    1.0 Your Steamname: Ratenor.

    2.0 Your In Game Name: Demartini Millionaire.

    3.0 Ingame Playtime: 5 days and 2 hours

    4.0 Your ingame rank: 1.SS Untersturmführer

    5.0 Could any players on the server recommend you?: Wolf, Jimm, Kloss

    6.0 Write about yourself: Im a 14 soon 15 year old boy from Denmark that finds a huge interest in the field of WW2, and is especially interested in the 3. Reich and the the SS which i have read a lot about. I spend my time going to school in 8th grade, playing PC, guitar and reading about history. I play a lot of garry's mod darkrp and mostly on the Suspect gaming 1942 rp where i have played as SS for a long time.

    7.0 Why should we accept you?: I have played a lot of 1942 rp and have been a part of the SS on multiple occasions and been RSHA Standartenführer once before, and various other hc ranks. You should accept me because i'm going to increase the work the ss regiments are doing together, and i'm going to bring them into order so there are no miscommunications between them. I will also command the regimental leaders to recruit and expand to make the SS a force to be reckoned with on the server asto to make it as realistic as possible for the time period. I will expect only great men in the more elite ss regiments such as SS, SD and the Gestapo, but i will also be focusing on the recruitment of the Orpo to make berlin a more safe place. I will try my best to return the SD to its former glory so we can have order within and outside the party. I will try to make the SS work Together a lot more asto maximise the efficiency of their work.

    1.SS will be a combat ready elite force including some bodyguards for some the highest ranking officials and important members of the NSDAP.

    Gestapo will be an elite police force that keeps control of the resistance under control behind the scenes.

    The SD will be keeping the party under control and remove traitors inside the party with the help of all the SS regiments but mainly the gestapo and the 1.SS

    The Orpo will keep the streets safe as well as raid criminals against the reich along with the other SS regiments