Harry Staff App

  • 1.0 What rank are you applying for?: Moderator

    1.1 Steamname: HarryTheBomb_123

    1.2 SteamID: STEAM_0:0:521572885

    1.3 RP Name: Harry

    1.4 Your Age: 14

    1.5 Your Firstname: Harry

    1.6 Are you in our steamgroup?: Yes

    1.7 Are you active in our discord and teamspeak?: Yes

    2.0 Why are you applying?: Because i want to be a staff member and help the server grow

    2.1 Why should we accept exactly you?: because i can be a dedicated staff member and i wont abuse my powers which other people might unlike me.

    2.2 Name your strengths: Dealing with sits, patience,Resistent

    2.3 What are your weaknesses: None really when it comes to being staff

    3.1 How do you react if somebody gets RDMed on the server?: I would tell the person who RDM'd him/her that if they RDM again they will be warned for now they would be verbally warned and if they do it again i will warn him for RDM

    3.2 How do you react if somebody reports he got RDMed?: i would go behind cover cloak take the sit to a OOC area and ask him what happened and if he has evidence of it if not then i will check logs and if he does then good. Now i would bring the other guy to the sit area ask him for his side of the story depending on what is said and the evidence will be either verbal or a warn

    3.3 A user is sitting on another users head refusing to get off, what do you do?: tell him if he doesnt get of in the next 10 seconds he will be warned for fail RP then removed of the guys head with !bring

    3.4 A staff member is abusing his power by spawning himself weapons, what do you do?: Report it to Owners/CO-Owners with evidence.

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