The Old Republic RP - An introduction

  • Welcome to The Old Republic RP!

    Since this server does quite differ from a Jedi VS Sith server

    I created this long text to explain the basics.

    Please take a read to understand more about the Server.

    The basic premise

    The Old Republic RP is supposed to be different from normal Jedi vs Sith RP or other Star Wars RP Servers. This is achieved by giving the players more freedom and making it not only focused on combat between Jedis and Siths. Jedis are supposed to be rare so are Sith, but when they are there they are supposed to be strong. This is achieved by giving anyone access to Jedis and Siths but making the actual process of becoming a Jedi or a Sith a challenge rather than a nuisance. Only the best may become that role and only if you know what you are doing.

    The Galactic Conquest

    The Old Republic is about a Galactic War and we implement that best we can. Currently both sides are technically at peace, still small incursions can happen. You as the player are able to travel from planet to planet using the Taxi System and your own personal ship. You are able to use faction unique vehicles with guns to also support your allies from the skies. Every planet has a capture point which can be controlled by either side. While an attack has to be announced you may attack any hostile planet you want but have to make sure you don't stretch your own forces thin to a point that you can't hold your planets anymore.

    Civilian Life

    The Galaxy is not only inhabited by the Empire and the Republic waging war against each other. There is normal civilians living a normal life. Bank clerks, Miners, Cantina Owners, Lawyers, Mercenaries, Bounty Hunters, Taxi Drivers. Do what you want and earn your living just living within the galaxy that a war is taking place in. You can work for either side and be a citizen for either side. Maybe you and your friends don't want to live under the Empire or the Republic and declare your indendence? Your choice!

    The Sith Empire

    The Sith Empire is ruled by the Sith Emperor and consists of the Imperial Army, Imperial Intelligence and the Sith Order. The Army and the Intelligence are working to further the goals of the Empire as does the Sith Order but the Sith Order may or may not be plagued by internal strife as to become a Darth a Lord has to kill his master.

    The Republic

    The Republic is allied to the Jedi Order, which technically is not a part of the Republic but keepers of peace. While the Jedi may be keepers of peace the Republic is still a state and a state needs troops. That is why the Republic Army exists. The fighting force of the Republic displaying their prowess across the Galaxy, especially with the Republic Special Forces who are even able to take on Sith Lords.

    How do I become a Jedi / Sith?

    First of: No, they are not paid. There are regular tryouts hosted by Darths and Jedi Masters in which you can take part to become a Sith Acolyte or Jedi Initiate. You will need to fulfil a number of tasks to actually be uplifted into the ranks of the respective Order and also behave accordingly. Also don't be shy to just ask in /ooc. Just realize that you might not become your wished role on the first try!