Corporation Report 09/13/2020

  • Introduction

    Our corporation has started out some mere three months ago as a small group of friends trying to enjoy the game together and since then we have come a long way.

    When I started this corporation I was still a highsec carebear, running level 4 missions, and I think this was the same for many of the more

    experienced players who joined us. Since then we have established ourselves in Nullsec and managed to come to a point where we are able

    to not only reap the benefits but also contribute to the Nullsec Alliance we joined in a meaningful way.

    Now, with more organization also comes the time when there is a need for info to be made publicly available what this is.

    This report is refering and based on the Leadership Meeting which occured 8/27/2020

    What are our goals?

    Many points have been mentioned during the previous meeting but none of those points stand out as the fact

    that we need a proper subcap fleet to be able to defend ourselves and also more properly engage in combat.

    What does that mean?

    o having everyone be ready to skill into our bread-and-butter doctrine ship, the jackdaw

    o filling the dedicated roles of this doctrine as in Storks, Scalpels, Interceptors, Assault Frigate Pilots

    o building a small bomber fleet of 3-6 bomber pilots

    Another point: Industry

    Another important point was that our industry has to be fueled by ressources which need to be mined.

    We came to the conclusion that the most efficient way for that was a balance between Highsec and

    Nullsec Miners to get all the ressources that we will potentially need to build the ships and items

    we will need to fund us ourselves.

    That means that we need more dedicated Highsec Miners as well as more dedicated Nullsec Miners.

    We came to the conclusion that the best for that would be to have most "newbro miners"

    (having only 1 barge, maybe an alt with another barge) mine in Nullsec along side our Rorqual miners

    to enjoy the massive boost that these are giving while in Highsec only more dedicated miners with a

    Hulk and Orca combo should mine as those are the ones that are able to actually make a decent profit

    out of it.

    We also realized that in the long run the Skill "Capital Ship Production 5" will be needed which (sadly)

    is not the most attractive skill for which I thank Baldwin Ellecon for being ready to skill it anyway.

    Final Comment

    All this made up what we wanted to achieve during this month of september.

    As you might have guessed from the date of this post we are only half way through,

    making this a mid-month report.

    What did we actually achieve so far

    Surprisingly we have been able to come close with a lot of the goals listed above but sadly we also

    lost sight of some things as well. Now: What did we achieve?

    Subcap Fleets:

    We have been able to get a more than decent amount of Jackdaw Pilots making this one of our least

    worries. Also we have been able to get three (3) Players willing to act as Stealth Bomber Pilots

    if need be. So far we still do not have a pilot able to fly a Link (Storck / Bifrost) though which

    sadly is a major hinderence as those ships act as Force Multiplier.


    While we have been able to IMMENSLY increase our mining capabilties in nullsec our Highsec Mining

    capabilities have almost died down. Luckily we have some very dedicated miners in Highsec which we

    have hired to work for us outside of corporation which still seed us with a more than decent amount of


    Meanwhile in nullsec we have seen a massive increase in the usage of Rorquals and Exhumers, showing

    that our miners have increased in quality and not only quantity.


    All this shows that what has been discussed in the meeting has already been set in motion and that we are progressing at a rapid speed, having changed from

    the small group of friends to a proper working (rather) large group of active pilots having not only the money but also the teeth to act on our own.

    Now, the only important thing is, to never slow down and keep on improving, as only that will keep us alive in the long run.