Ship Loan Program

  • Since ships in EVE tend to cost quite a large sum of ISK to purchase we decided to make ships available for borrowing.

    That means you will have the option to borrow one of the ships listed below by paying only 50% of the estimated value

    as well as a fixed value for the amount of time you borrow the ship.

    Once you hand the ship back (best case in one piece) you will receive half of what you paid back.

    Any ship borrowed may not be transferred to another character.

    How does ship borrowing work?

    1.) Choose a ship you are interested in borrowing from the list below

    2.) Message Isabella Echerie with the Ship You want to borrow and the duration you want to borrow it for.

    3.) Enjoy the ship you just received

    All ships that are stated as fully fit are fully fit.

    The fitting will be linked to you first to check you can use it,

    if parts can't be used can exchange them for T1 Modules.

    Ship Class: Pacifier
    SSPCT Brave Explorer

    50% Value: 45.000.000 ISK (45mil)
    7 Days Lease: 4.500.000 ISK (4.5mil)
    14 Days Lease: 8.000.000 ISK (8mil)
    30 Days Lease: 15.500.000 ISK (15.5mil)
    Currently leased to: Available
    Ship Class: Stratios
    SSPCT Resolute

    50% Value: 90.000.000 ISK (90mil)
    7 Days Lease: 9.000.000 ISK (9mil)
    14 Days Lease: 17.500.000 ISK (17.5mil)
    30 Days Lease: 34.000.000 ISK (34mil)
    Currently leased to: Available

    What if my borrowed ship explodes?

    If the ship you borrowed explodes you will be asked to pay the other 50% of the estimated value back as well.

    For that we can make a very generous time window of a month or even more, so don't worry too much, we will work something out ;)