Ore Buyback Value

  • Nullsec Ores Price per Compressed Ore
    Compressed Dark Ochre 109,698.00 ISK
    Compressed Gneiss
    173,748.00 ISK
    Compressed Spodumain
    424,103.00 ISK
    Compressed Jaspet
    51,845.00 ISK
    Compressed Bistot
    373,021.00 ISK
    Compressed Arkonor 368,454.00 ISK
    Compressed Hedbergite
    52,812.00 ISK
    Compressed Kernite
    20,113.00 ISK
    Compressed Hemorphite
    59,474.00 ISK

    A online calculator to calculate what you made: Google Calculator

    Highsec Ores

    For Highsec Ores use this website as usual:


    Set the Price Percentage to 90% and copy the buyprice!

  • For moon ores you can use:

    Monazite 11.522 ISK
    Xenotime 10.586 ISK
    Loparite 8.875 ISK
    Ytterbite 6.082 ISK
    Carnotite 5.975 ISK
    Pollucite 5.126 ISK
    Zircon 3.664 ISK
    Cinnabar 3.636 ISK
    Sperrylite 3.697 ISK
    Otavite 3.189 ISK
    Chromite 2.885 ISK
    Vanadinite 2.366 ISK

    Note that moon ores can't be compressed.

    Monazite and Xenotime give more than 3 times isk/h than any regular ore so keep an eye out for alliance moon mining ops that contain those.

    Prices listed here currently should treated as minimum level and will be improved as we get better reprocessing efficiency and ramp up our industry to actually use moon minerals.