How to join the Alliance Mumble

  • Setting Up Mumble

    Your 2GTHR old services account needs to have been created and manually enabled in order for you to completely configure and test Mumble.

    1. Download a Mumble client and start it.
    2. Click Add New… to add a new Mumble server bookmark.
    3. Fill in the following details:
      • Server: (may be “Address”)
      • Port: 64738.
      • Username: Your 2GTHR forum account username. That’s the one you used to create your 2GTHR account, e.g., [BLUEP] Eingang Vulpine if you followed our 2GTHR services account creation instructions earlier. It must be identical, including spaces and uppercase/lowercase letters.
      • Label: 2GTHR Mumble or something similar. This is what will appear in the bookmarks list.
    4. Click OK to save your bookmark.
    5. In the list, select the bookmark you just saved and click Connect.
      • If you’ve given a valid username, you’ll be told there’s a certificate or password problem and given a box to type something in. That’s where your password goes.
      • Password: Your 2GTHR forum account password. That’s also the one you used to create your 2GTHR account.
    6. Click OK to submit your password.
      • If all’s gone well, you should be connected and your name should appear with your correct corp tag and all spaces. If you have to type a username without spaces to connect, you’re connecting as a guest because you’ve got the wrong username.