New Player Starting Experience

  • This guide will give our new members an idea how they can go on from there current position.

    This is just an idea, you have to do none of this!

    Remember that while Step 1 can be quickly done within maybe just 2 or 3 hours step 2 will take up to multiple weeks!

    1. The very beginning
    When you first start your journey the game starts with a tutorial which will go you through the basics of movement

    and combat. After that the game will entice you to complete your carreer agents. This is the first thing you should do:

    Complete all your carreer agents!

    It will give you: A decent amount of ISK, a basic run down of the activities in EVE Online and provide you with a bunch of ships you can use.

    2. Your time in Highsec

    After you have completed your carreer agents it is time to head over to Grinacanne. This is where our highsec base is and where you can use our Highsec Oremarket.

    Also you have a lot of Mission Agents available, from Level 1 to Level 4 in close proximity. The next markethub would be Dodixie just 3 Jumps away.

    Jita as well is a mere 11 jumps distance. In Highsec you should take your time to decide what future activity you want to follow and train up to one of our suggested fittings.

    So, use your time to try out whatever you want and work together with other members of the corp to learn and grow!

    A few goals for your time in Grinacanne should be:

    - Reaching at least 50mil ISK

    - Being able to fly one of the suggested fittings and knowing how to use them

    - Finding a profession you enjoy to do

    - Trying things out without worry and just seeing what the game offers you

    3. Nullsec awaits, too

    Now you are here, you have done a lot of missions, scanned down sites and you are able to decently fly a cruiser, a mining barge or found out what exploration means.

    Now it is time to play with the big boys and come to nullsec. When you come to nullsec you have to make sure of a few things:

    - to join the channels listed in the corp chat MOTD

    - to ask a corp member on how to move to Nullsec

    - have a saving of 50-100mil ISK at least

    - being able to act independently and take risks successfully at best

    - set up your overview according to the guide

    - joined all the required websites

    So, you have those out of the way and know you can survive here. What now?

    We have a dedicated mining system, set in H-29TM

    as well as a dedicated ratting system in R-AYGT.
    Most important now is to speak to other members:

    Talk with them, they may take you on ratting sessions, take part in mining fleets,

    fly in PVP fleets, be not afraid! Everybody starts somewhere and no one starts perfect!