Overviews aka how to get a good overview

  • PVP in EVE requires to have a good understanding of the situation you are in and the ability to have needed information available quickly.

    This is also a tool to survive Nullsec PVE as it can help differentiate hostile from friendly.

    Below is an overview linked that has been approved by Corporation leadership and how to set it up!

    SaraShawa Overviewpack

    1. Join the Channel "SaraShawa-Overview", which is linked in the Corp MOTD

    2. Download the Packs Pt 1 to Pt 4 in the order 1 to 4

    3. Open the Overview settings window by clicking on the stripe symbol in the top left.

    4. Under "States" select which players may be shown, my suggestion:

    Set all to "Show by default" to make sure you don't get nasty surprises.