Internal Market


    In Grinacanne you have to fly to the Raitaru "Spaceballs Paradise" to compress them

    How to sell ores to the corporation

    Step 1: Mark the items you want to sell in your inventory and press Ctrl + C to copy them

    Step 2: Paste them into the text field on this website: . Use Jita as the trading hub and set the value to 90%.

    Step 3: Message Rin Vanchik (Rinn#0601) on discord with what you want to sell and for how much (BUY VALUE on the website).

    Step 4: If you get the ok create a contract with the ores to Isabella Echerie ingame for the BUY VALUE

    Step 5: Enjoy your newly earned ISK.

    As a reminder, you made more than what you would normally make, as you skipped all transaction fees from the market.

    How to buy from the internal market

    Step 1: Request the "Industrial" Role from I-401#1753 in Discord. Now you can view the corporation item hangars.

    Step 2: Message I-401#1753 in Discord about how many ores you want to purchase. He will message you back with a price for it.

    Step 3: You will be contracted ingame by Isabella Echerie for the ores you want to purchase. This price will be slightly below Buy price in Jita, where you also skip all trading fees.

    Step 4: Receive your ores in our Corporation HQ in Grinacanne (Highsec) or H-29TM / R-AYGT (Nullsec).