Phase 2 RP Patch 0.9.9

  • Yes, this patch is really close to 1.0

    And yes, 1.0 will be a bigger patch 8)

    Changelog (Short):

    Custom Made 212th Playermodels added

    212th Regiment added

    Performance fixes

    NEW MAP: rp_torch, a tatooine map

    Long Changelog:

    - 4 models for the 212th have been added, some more may still be added, primarily medic
    + 212th Trooper

    + 212th Corporal

    + 212th Sergeant

    + 212th Heavy

    + 212th Medic

    + 212th Lieutenant

    + 212th Captain

    + 212th Major

    + 212th Commander

    - Removed the ability from VJ Base B1 Battledroids (default ones) to throw grenades to improve performance

    - Tickrate reduced to 22 to make the server run smoother serverside (shouldn't be noticeable client side)

    + New Map rp_torch, a tatooine map with 2 villages and much open space as well as a canyon