Application Template

  • Copy this template and fill it.

    Not using this template will result in automatic declination.

    1.0 What rank are you applying for?: [Rank]

    1.1 Steamname: [Your Steamname]

    1.2 SteamID: [your steamid (google how to get it]

    1.3 RP Name: [The name of your main character]

    1.4 Your Age: [Your age]

    1.5 Your Firstname: [Your real first name]

    1.6 Are you in our steamgroup?: [Yes/No]

    1.7 Are you active in our discord and teamspeak?: [Yes/no]

    2.0 Why are you applying?: [reason]

    2.1 Why should we accept exactly you?: [Reason]

    2.2 Name your strengths: [Go ahead]

    2.3 What are your weaknesses: [Go ahead]

    3.1 How do you react if somebody gets RDMed on the server?: [Explain]

    3.2 How do you react if somebody reports he got RDMed?: [Explain]

    3.3 A user is sitting on another users head refusing to get off, what do you do?: [Explain]

    3.4 A staff member is abusing his power by spawning himself weapons, what do you do?: [Explain]