Staff application Template

  • 1. My SteamID:

    2. My Steamname:

    3. My RP Name:

    4. My Age:

    5. What is your Timezone, and what languages you speak?:

    6. Do you have experience with ULX Commands?:

    6.5. State the role of Staff on the server:

    The role of staff on the server is to help new players in to a new genre of RP, (or just help them out,) and make sure all players are following the rules in the server.

    7. My playtime on the server:

    8. Your In-Character ranks:

    9. Have you donated?:

    9.1 Did you join our steam group?:

    10. Why should we accept you?:

    12. My Weaknesses:

    13. Have you been Staff Member on another Server?:

    14. Are you active on our Teamspeak Server?:

    15. Have you already been warned?:

    16. Have you already been banned?:

    17. Did you have disputes with the Staff Team?:

    18. Could another Staff Member recommend you?:

    18.5. Write some historical context about the time the server is set in (1944): [Minimum 40 words]

    [In this section, answer the questions in detail, step by step, according to the actions you would take as a staff member]

    19. Another player has killed you with no reason, how do you react?:

    20. Another player continuessly insults you via voice chat, how do you react?:

    21. Two people are arguing in OOC chat, how do you react?:

    22. You see another staff member abusing his powers, how do you react?:

    23. A player got cardmt, how do you react?: