Friedhelm's application for a Leutnant rank in Orpo

  • Steamname: ⚜Friedhelm IX⚜

    Ingamename: Friedhelm Howe

    Ingame Time: 1d 20h ( althought it should be 7d. because before the launch of the server my playtime got wiped, but please take it with a grain of salt)

    Ingame Rank and Regiment: Oberwachtmeister and Leutnant

    Could a member of the HC suggest you?: Yes , I-401 and Damian

    Write about yourself: I am a 16 year old male, I also love playing Gmod, English is not my first language and i have a really bad microphone. I also have some experience with photoshop, and i like to use that knowledge to make posters like this

    Why should we accept especially you?: I was promoted already, but I am making this application because of recent changes (NRP UPDATE 3.0.0 "A Fresh Start" (Change Log 7/25/2019)) and I just wanted to be very sure that everything is ok. So I should be accepted because i have a lot of experience working in Orpo, and right now Orpo doesnt have any CO's, and i am a highest NCO in Orpo.