Need help

  • Hello.

    I have played minecraft some time ago with Chello and a few other people. I spent a long time (pretty much every night) helping to build it, and there was a 64x64 (or something like that) plot in which I built a big castle filling the entire plot (It was not finished). Chello gave me creative mode access and also made a custom 'rank' for me. The rank was just this ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ I think in pink or purple colour, I can't remember.

    My other minecraft account does not work. I Don't have an actual MC account, I just bought 60 accounts (Which people buy to use for raiding servers, but its also a way to get minecraft for cheap). I use a different account now and, as before, I can't change account name unless a admin uses a command to change my name in the server, and I can't change my skin either.

    I was wondering whether you guys still even play minecraft? I see the server is up and I joined it, and I see you made some progress :)