Small forum update.

  • :!:A few changes have been made as requested by Community owner.:!:

    -New user ranks added, with stars instead of text.

    -Staff members Superadmin+ now receive Stars based on their rank.

    • Super admin: One star
    • Head mod and Head admin: Two stars
    • Co-owner: Three stars
    • Owner: Four stars
    • Community Co-Owner: Five stars
    • Community Owner: Six stars

    Note: User ranks have no associated user group as there is no need for new user groups to be created for those ranks, due to the fact that those user ranks do not grant any forum powers except a visual improvement.

    Note: Suggestions for improvements or new additions are welcome. Write them on the forum or discord, or just PM me.

    Note: Next update may include an image-rank for donators.

    Disclaimer: If you have any WLS administration experience, don't be afraid to write an application. Everyone is welcome to apply for forum mod or forum admin if they hold a staff rank within the community. (Owners receive admin permissions without applying, however they are not given a Forum admin rank)