Luftwaffe job wich can increase rp

  • so my idea is about to add : Luftschutze

    in short luftschutze were people who were defending cityes from air rades

    for those who want to know more about the job i copy and paste some stuff from wiki :)

    Measures Writing on a wall in Greiz (Thuringia): "Are you ready for air?" Active air protection: Aerial observation by observer, sound localization, radar to warn early releases Airspace screening by fighters Fighting offensive anti-aircraft weapons (anti-aircraft weapons) and anti-aircraft missiles (1945 in the test) Unmanned aerial balloon (boulders) on long strings to protect against low-flying aircraft (eg Allied forces landing in Normandy) and limited balloons Passive air protection, technical measures: Population warning systems (sirens, radio announcements - World War II later in the war increasingly resistant to wire waves suppression) State Obligation to Build New Residential Buildings for Installation of "Bomb-proof" Cellar Ceilings Providing bunkers for air raids Building measures in residential and commercial buildings Dark camouflage colors Installation of fire housings with fire resistant steel doors Escape tunnel between the shelters of neighboring houses Additional supports for the basement ceilings Cover of light wells in cellars with steel plates (even today they can be seen in the old city of Bonn) Another stairway to cellars He has been experimenting with prototypes for homes resistant to bombs. Their roof and exterior walls consisted of reinforced concrete with a thickness of 1 m. They were never built because the end of the war came before the completion of the production models. Fire prevention for painting and securing fire extinguishers (bucket, fire extinguisher, pan, extinguishing sand) Issuing gas masks of simple people in different sizes Distribution of luminescent illuminated plates for attachment to clothing spraying systems Construction of ghost towns Billboard Construction ("Decoys"), B. Fake Airport

    the job will include 3 ranks EM NCO CO

    and the ranks will be confiduryng by /job rank

    and they will have acces to all german weapons from addon called Gredwitchs stuff

    every job will be allowed to buy the weapon from F4 thing but they will be allowed to use it only with permission by co/nco .

    theyr main job will be guarding city and points in a field (to dont make the job so boring) and building defensives/checkpoints.

    the equipment for EM will be : Basic stuff




    the equipment for NCO will be :Basic stuff





    the equipment for CO will be : Basic stuff




  • I apprieciate the suggestion, however in my opinion it would be useless as the air raids cannot be stopped once they're called in.

    Also, the anti-aircraft weapons from addon "Gredwitchs stuff" are bugged, and once you press "E", the gun will spin around like fidget spinner.

    I'll wait for other people to share their opinion before I make my final decision.

  • I agree with what Menno Coehoorn said.

    Although the idea is good and I can see it being a good add on it would be useless as we don’t really have any troops that attack in the air, is mainly bombs dropped from above without any bomber plane.

    Moreover as Menno stated the anti-aircraft is bugged so there’s no unique aspect or loadout we can really offer that sticks to that regiment.

    Thanks a lot and please keep on thinking of new ideas.