Dissatisfaction on the server

  • Hi, so thing have changed, server has changed and regiments has changed, and here is the thing. I have my carrer on the server like in 281st/27th and my last rank was OKW Generalmajor which is HC rank. Now when the regiment is changed a littlebit my rank gone and also i think my carrer too cuz admins and who ever cant give me HC rank becouse all of then are allready taken because Super-Admins, i can tell u guys i dont care about super admins, i build my carrer on the server in the goverment and some of them what they did ? Nothing. They take my HC rank and i cant even set my job to some HC job for example Polizeidirector, (there are two slots for this job and on the whitelist there are 5 poeple).

    So until u gonna repair the server and gave me the HC rank which is build on my carrer, meanwhile am not gonna play on the server. After u done it, message me here or on steam.

    THX for ruining my carrer on the server guys, really nice update of server.


  • First of all, I understand that you feel you've been wronged because you have been given a rank lower than what you previously had.

    However, you have to understand that the update to remove the Wehrmacht has been done due to lack of players, and some regiments will be added back after we will have 20-25 players, your rank will be most likely given back to you. You should refrain from making forum threads since you're in the staff team and it's not difficult to speak to someone on teamspeak.

    About your "ruined career", some people who had high ranks also have lost them, and are not complaining. No Super Admins have taken any HC ranks because as far as I'm aware, all super admins still have the ranks they had before the update.

    Today I have told you that there was a problem with whitelists, and you were given ORPO leutnant by Jim. You are part of the staff team and everyone who lost their Wehrmacht rank has been given another rank, no one has to start all over again.