Shooting In Russian school

  • I found a video from a school shooting in Russia which happened either yesterday or a couple of days before, im not sure. You can hear the gunshots and screaming which is just terrifying, and two bodies on the stairway. If I recall correctly, 18 people died.

    WARNING: Graphic content.

  • Extra information I have read, however I'm not whether the sources are fully 100% reliable, so take it with a 'grain of salt':

    His name is Vladislav Roslyakov, and since he was young, he was a cruel child, and apparently used to torture cats in his neighbourhood. Later when he was 10 years old, his parents divorced, with the reason apparently being that his father had a serious brain injury and because his behaviour changed (He was violent towards his wife, son and other family).

    He went to the local school and education wasn't his strong side, so he just wanted to finish his semesters. Here is the bit which I would say I don't 100% believe, think of it how you want: He didn't have any close friends or people he knew, and also his hobbies were just games and guns.

    In 2015 he went to study some electro-technical course and apparently thats when he became really interested in guns and explosive materials. He also went to learn knife fightning and gym.

    Apparently 74 people were put in hospital, and a couple needed to have amputation of limbs. There was an explosion on the first floor of the school, while the second floor was where the shooting was happening. He was reported to be walking around and shooting at random students or teachers he found.

    The weapon he bought was a Hatsan Escort Aimguard with caliber 12 GA, and it held 8 bullets, it also had a pistol grip.