Sebastian Staff Apication

  • 1. My SteamID: STEAM_0:0:132788320

    2. My Steamname: [SG] senpay

    3 My RP Name: Sebastian Koslowski

    4. My Age: 16 (27/11 2001)

    5. Languages I speak: English/Czech

    6. Do you have experience with ULX Commands?: Yes

    7. My playtime on the server: 3 days

    8. Do you have other ranks in the server network?: No

    9. Have you donated?: No but i want

    9.1 Did you join our steam group?: absolutely

    10. Why should we accept you?: I'm active every day for some weekends, they know me on the server and know I can play my role well. But I can be unpleasant. I am loyal, I appreciate the communities that are important to me. Another reason you should accept me is that I know all the rules of the server and overall as far as DP is concerned, I'm a bit more active than other staff members. How many times do I think some of the staff members are making decisions and I am angry with them. And overall, I think I would be useful and beneficial for the NaziRP server and the community as a whole.

    11. My Strengths: I can often solve things that others do not want to do. I'm very loyal. I play my roles well to say for myself. I can play the whole day without a break. I'm patient because it belongs to my real work.

    12. My Weaknesses: Grammar is my weakness since I had problems with grammar when I was younger. I'm choleric, but I can control my emotions. I can not describe so many different topics. I'm not from any English speaking country, so I use the logic of my language (Czech).

    13. Have you been Staff Member on another Server?: No

    14. Are you active on our Teamspeak Server?: No

    15. Have you already been warned?: No

    16. Have you already been banned?: No

    17. Did you have disputes with the Staff Team?: No, and I hope I will not even have a problem with it.

    18. Could another Staff Member recommend you?: No, I do not think so

    19. Another player has killed you with no reason, how do you react?: I warn him that for no reason he killed me and would not be mistaken because he violates the rules.

    20. Another player continuessly insults you via voice chat, how do you react?: i'll warn him for spamchat. When it goes on, give him a ban (1h, 5h, week, month, permanent)

    21. You see another staff member abusing his powers, how do you react?: When I see someone like that, I'll tell him what he's doing when he goes on shooting to have enough proof.

    22. A player got cardmt, how do you react?: I check the database of who has hit the car and I call both of them to myself and solve the situation.

    23. Have you read the staff punishment list? : Yes i read it.